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Included With: “The Music Marketing Engine” we give you access to Email Marketing Service/Software for FREE so that you can give a couple songs away in order to receive a potential fans email address. It takes up to five points of contact to convert 5-10 percent of your targeted market in to a sales conversion, comes with Music Mastering.




















Music Marketing Resources:

the music marketing engine

The Music Marketing Engine:

"Instant Download"



all music industry contacts plus

All Music Industry Contacts Plus:

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music management 101

Music Management 101:

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all music marketing products

All 3 Music Marketing Products:

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The Music Marketing Engine:

  • The Music Marketing Engine: This deal also includes A&R Mentoring where we will revue your best song, give you feed back about your song and master it for free even though Audio Mastering normally costs $100 per song that will be part of our special package as a big bonus domain name which is just $20 per month and accompanies A&R Mentoring and One Song Mastering For FREE.

    Music Management 101 for Indie Artists
    Self Management for Indie Artists

    The goal of Music Management 101 is to enable musicians to learn how to manage their very possess careers with the goal of eventually attracting a top professional manager. (Value $34.95)

    * The 5 Least Known Most Successful Places to Submit Your Music:

    For most musicians, getting a permitting deal (a.k.a. "placement") is substantially more attainable than getting a record deal. In fact, music permitting is a $20 billion industry and the demand for music from autonomous musicians (like you) for TV, film; commercials and computer games are growing. (Value $67.95)

    Music Marketing: Music Career Planning:

    the advancement phase is all about getting clarity, creating a strategic plan and simultaneously we must assemble a strong music marketing campaign. It is important to obtain this information obviously prior to starting your marketing and promotion preparations so you can get the most out of your music promotion efforts: 1. Artist Consultation 2. The mentality for Success: Music Business Plan 4. Music Marketing Plan: (Value $33.95) Music Management 101: "Instant Download" Learn Everything You Need To Know About Music Management and Self Music Management: So That You Can Build Your Own Fan Base Online and Capture The Attention Of The Right People Including Successful Music Managers and Top Record Label A&R. which Incorporates Hundreds Of Music Management Contacts and Nine Music Industry Contracts

    (9) Music Management Contracts: Music Management 101 was written by "Ryan Clement" who is an Artist, Music Producer, Successful Music Marketing Consultant and Top Music Manager from Burbank California. Ryan is an expert at self-music management making over $28,000 per month from his very possesses song download sales alone. Music Marketing: Self Music Management is somewhat of another idea for most musician's, artists, bands and music producers but Ryan has been doing it since 2001. Mr. For giving's book Music Management 101 took him 5 years to write and test to make sure that it can make any music manager, artist, band or music producer with great music and motivation a great living off of their music alone so they can stop their day job and make music full time.

    Teach you how to manage your artists, bands, and producers a little better then you do now because you will have these valuable proven and tried procedures/secrets at your disposal. Music Marketing "I've been making music fulltime since 2001 when I was only 21 years old and I have the numbskull music to Ryan Clement went through over 15 years creating Mix Makers: Music Marketing and expanding the greatest music industry products and services on the planet. Mix Makers LLC. was established in 2001 by Founder Ryan Clement who is an established music industry Veteran who has dedicated his life to helping Artists, Bands and Music Producers further their music career while at the same time we promote flourishing music industry related professionals & companies searching for talent to sign right at this point.

    Our Founder is highly successful in his very own right; from 2001 to Present Ryan Clement is the online music marketing consultant for the largest independent free rock record label in the world called Side One Dummy Records which has signed platinum bands like Flogging Molly and Bedouin SoundClash just to name a couple. Ryan Clement is an expert at online music marketing, helping artists and bands build a fan base and sell their own music online as instant downloads. It was Ryan Clement that first designed to first online digital song delivery system which integrates with most merchant accounts.

    Ryan Clements music website gets over 58,000 visitors every seven days and all of them are ready to buy at least a single, some the entire whole 30 song album, which is way out of its time. Ryan has a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and claims his very own CD Duplication Company. Ryan Clement and Meech Wells met in 1999 while Meech was Producing six songs for Snoop Dogg's "The Last Meal Album" and they have been friends and working together ever since. You can see Meech Wells Discography at Wikipedia search “Meech Wells”, his work is very impressive!

    Who Uses Our 11 (Plus) Music Industry Contacts Directories? Top Record Label A&R Contacts, Music Management Companies, A lot of Music Producers utilize our 11 updated All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) Directories regularly to promote themselves and contact each other. All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) or (AMIC Plus) for short is updated every 1-2 months and contains thousands of music industry contacts including record label A&R contacts that you won't find anywhere else. Any other company selling Music Industry Contacts in all likelihood stole them from us. Example: not just stole our contact & products; they also stole all of the written content from our WebPages directly from our website which is our intellectual property and should not be stolen. Also their contacts are way out of date compared to our website content and stellar products. We work extremely hard to track down the most reputable music industry contacts/individuals that work in the music industry and obtain their total contact information.

    We can do this more easily because most music industry contacts already know our identity and we always gather their contact information in a classy way. There has only been one person that asked to be taken out of one of our music industry contacts directories. I won't single out or specify who it was in the last 15 years that asked to be taken out of one of our famous Music Industry Contacts Directories. All that I can say is that she is really famous and couldn’t keep up with the amount of phone calls and emails that she was getting on a regular basis, it kind of hurt that her ad was on the fist page of our music management Directory. Most music industry professionals ask to be added to one or more our directories and some music contacts even pay $25-$50 per month to be added in the first couple of pages in All Music Industry Contacts (Plus). We just rundown reputable Music Industry Contacts and spend numerous hours updating and expanding our Music Industry Contacts (Plus) and (Standard) Directories.

    (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts (Plus):

    Whether you are an Artist, Band, Singer, Rapper, Music Producer or Music Manager you can utilize all of our 11 incredible and always updated Music Industry Contacts Directories to get in direct contact with almost anyone in the music industry. We list almost anyone who is anybody in the music industry from Universal Music Group A&R roster to Def Jam A&R and their entire roster. If you are a seasoned Music Industry Contacts Professional and might want to be included in one of our 11 directories which fits your job description, please send an email to my personal email account and I’m the CEO so I will definitely take care of you A regular listing is free of charge although if you want a half page graphic ad that will be $50 per month and a full page graphic ad is $100 per month because our reach is so vast and it’s a great promotional opportunity for your music industry related business to get more exposure. We will respond with detailed instructions on the best way to get your record company added in all of our All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) Directory. Yes you heard me right; your ad listing will be featured in all 11 of our famous music industry contacts directories for the low prices mentioned above. That will definitely give you a leg up on your competition. You can also utilize our music Industry contacts directories to get in direct contact with music industry related music professionals that can get you to the next level and meet the right people. So yeah if they can’t because you don’t work on music in their style or genre I guarantee that they know someone that is following that demographic in the music industry and if not they probably know somebody that can get you a meeting with them. In the music industry it’s all about who you know and sometimes you meet who you need to know through a third party. In the music industry, it's not about how talented you are it's about who you know? What a Cliché but its true. Try not to get discouraged, continue beating the pavement and you will get anywhere you have to go. Achievement is all about persistence!

    (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts: Get Connected with America’s Most Successful Music Industry Professionals, Record Label Contacts:

    (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts! Special:

    Start contacting all of the greatest music industry veterans! All Music Industry Contacts (Standard) and (Plus) versions contain all of the most modern and direct music industry contacts postings you should further your music career. Our (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) "Instant Download" also contains proven ideas that will enable you to make a living off of your music. As a customer you will be able to receive a fully customized state of the art artist, band or music producer website which includes your online music press kit for only $20 per month. Now all you have to do to qualify is order "All Three Music Marketing Products for only $59.95 to become a customer which makes you eligible for your custom designed music website. The $20 that you pay per month is only going towards your hosting domain name and other marketing tools that will help you succeed in the music industry. You see it’s not our goal here to make money off of you RE: $20 Per Month because we will be using that money to keep your website and press kit up to date in order to further promote your website which includes email blasts to Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Producers, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Attorneys, Music Publicists, Radio Stations. Etc. We are also going to give you free access to email marketing for free so that you can give away a couple of your songs to entice potential fans into ordering your entire album and we will implement the technology to deliver your songs instantly as an “instant download” plus a link to the song your fan purchased is sent to their email as well so there are never any problems, I wrote all the code myself and it works seamlessly so that you are your own distributor and get to keep 100% of your music sales revenue.
    Best artists start their music career managing themselves anyway and don't have any acquaintance with it; you start by managing yourself in order to get the attention of a more fruitful music manager or record label. Top Music Managers and record labels are not going to put their time and resources into somebody who hasn't demonstrated that they will place resources into themselves. "The Music Marketing Engine and Music Management 101" will teach you everything that you have to consider music management/self-management with the goal that you can attract viable managers, manage your very own music career, build a strong fan base on the web and sell a great deal of music. You will also learn how to utilize every social networking platform (not simply Face book) to promote your music on the web. Another thing that you will learn by reading Music Management 101 is email marketing for selling your very own free music and merchandise on the web. "The Music Marketing Engine and Music Management 101" also accompanies Hundreds of Music Management Contacts: with the goal that you can shop your music to America's best music managers, incorporates the name, address, direct telephone number and email address of almost every convincing music manager in the United States."

    As if that's lacking! Music Management 101 also accompanies Nine (9) Music Management Contracts: which can be extremely valuable and will demonstrate to you what a real music management contract looks like so you don't get ripped off by a shady music manager and get bolted into a bad contract that can have you tied up for years. In case you are a Music Manager hoping to sign an artist, band or music producer these music contracts will be extremely helpful for you to have. Every music manager ought to have an OK music management contract on hand. Nobody can advise when you're going to meet that special artist, band or music producer that you have to transfer ownership of right. The price of Music Management 101 was $59.95 but we reduced the cost to $24.95 with the goal that anyone can afford it. That's half off the regular price. Presently Only $24.95: Comes With Everything Seen Below! Over 1,000 Pages:

    I'm into self-music management until you get the attention of a top music manager or Record Label. Music managers simply get in the way; the vast majority of them don't have the foggiest idea what the hellfire they are doing anyway. I have yet to meet a Music Manager that can actually sell autonomous music so what can they really accomplish for me besides getting me in a turned 360 deal and me for sure aren't giving a record label or far superior a major music distributor apiece of my merchandise. I sell a Triple Album which is 32 songs with a signed T-shirt and receive $32.95 from each sale so forget selling singles. Regardless I’m trying to figure out why Spotify can't afford to pay artists when their subscription cost is peanuts compared to what number of paying users they have now. I have to tell you! As an autonomous artist, I don't support Spotify or any of the other music streaming services, I won't make reference to any more of them but they all screwed up the music industry promotion side of the industry and significantly more. As an autonomous artist with some integrity, please y'all you're not making any sense. I figured it out the day I heard an mp3 and I realized internet speed would be increasing but I may have quite recently been at the right place at the right time and at the ripe age of 18.

    I Founded these companies selling the best quality music industry related products and services anywhere so I can contribute a large portion of the sales revenue into my music career and I have 3 Full Albums blended and mastered and I have all the rights to every song aside from "We Can Party", and "Children Hugs Love" those songs were written by me but produced by Top West Coast Music Producer "Meech Wells" who is "Mary Wells" the Motown Legends child, he is also one of Snoop Dogg's favorite music producers. Meech Wells even produced a song with George Clinton and Snoop Dogg. Mary Wells Toured with The Temptations? Meech is best known for producing the greater part of the hit "Snoop Dogg" Songs; he even produced a song with Snoop Dogg and George Clinton and six songs on Snoop Dogg's "The Last Meal" album. Anyway, I was a fan of his growing up and we got together to make music in early 2000. We made the greatest song together called "We Can Party" which is a song that both sorts of individuals could vibe to. It's a DOPE ass West Coast beat with real clever party lyrics that have nothing to do with cash, when this artist sent me a demo package because he wanted my company to manage him, I watched one video and his music was only similar to all the other rappers, at that point I saw folks flashing Money around like their the main artist on the planet that has a tolerable record deal. That was it I canceled the YouTube video and when he called I let him know, the truth. What you rap about simply isn't my thing and I don't figure we will be a strong match because I have to be into the music I represent so artists and bands I work with have to do it for the love and you can always tell because that's what makes the great ones. I don't really like it when artists are not being real and true to themselves. I don't Rap about cash, I have three full albums and you never observe me bragging about my cash, crap I make more cash then all these cats and some of them will become my customer one day. It will be at some point before realizing their going need to record a second album and after they realize that the royalty advances, studio time, tour support, promotion, new media, social networking, publicists, artist management, music managers, all that cost cash, presently you are in major debt to a record label that wants your publishing, touring revenue and merchandise sales revenue and there is no other viable alternative for you but wait and record new meaningless music driven by your poor circumstances, at that point you watch your second album fail commercially because your singles suck. I have 32 songs on my Triple Album all singles with two songs produced by a major multi-platinum music producer. I also have over 100 DOPE urban beats, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, West Coast; I am available to working on a song with anybody that has talent.
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