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All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 record labels and hundreds of the A&R Reps listed are still somewhat new or were just recently hired by the label, in this case the A&R Reps included in All Music Industry Contacts are still excited about their job as an A&R so they tend to listen to all the demo music they can get their hands on. The majority of A&R Reps that are listed in (AMIC) do accept unsolicited material and most of them ask to be listed in the updated version of All Music Industry Contacts on a regular basis. Send Demo! With the success of any record label the total of artists send demo grows drastically, A&R Reps ask to be listed in All Music Industry Contacts because the quality of demo submissions is much higher then if A&R Reps promote themselves in any other way. Make sure that you send a demo that is mastered by a professional mastering engineer so that the sound quality can compete with a major music release, this will help your music stand out from the crowd. It is also important to make sure that your demo consists of at least 3-4 solid songs with your best song is first. All Music Industry Contacts always includes numerous ways to contact your intended A&R, including their email address, mailing address and phone number. Send Demo!

Whether you are going to send an email to your intended A&R Rep or send them a demo package through snail mail, you should wait about 1-2 weeks and then call the A&R on their direct phone line. (AMIC) doesn't just list the busy phone number to the A&R Dept. Send Demo! It also lists the direct phone number or extension so that you can talk to your intended A&R directly, sometimes you will get their assistant on the phone whose name is also listed in the All Music Industry Contacts A&R Directory. Send Demo! The A&R assistant may act as the gate keeper that filters out the good music from the bad so be polite & considerate to them as well. Send Demo! Present your demo music in a way that makes it worth while for an A&R Reps to check it out and give your music demo a good listen. Send Demo!

You can easily extract all the A&R email addresses that work in your genre of music from our All Music Industry Contacts Directory and send a mass email that includes a link directly to your custom made music website. Send Demo! If you need a custom made music website we will build you one for only $99, your website will include a state of the art flash Mp3 player programmed to play your greatest songs, a link to your and profiles and we will also pay to have 1-5 of your songs mastered by a professional so that your music sounds great on your new website all for only $99. Send Demo! If you’re interested in getting your own custom made music website built by our company call Mix Makers at (818) 459 2004. Send Demo!

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Don't openly send demo submission to too many labels at once

This may come off as spam, and generally gets deleted instantly. Many aspiring artists and music producers will obtain All Music Industry Contacts and start distributing music to record labels that don’t even release music in their genre. Send Demo! This suggests that the aspiring artists and music producers are just blindly sending their demo to everybody; Send Demo! instead target the music industry contacts that seem right for your style of music. Also failing to BCC could result in unnecessary “reply-alls” which will lead to unhappy annoyed recipients that you send demo to. Send Demo!



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Examples of our 1,000 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory

In order to get your music heard, you have to send demo that will stand out in a pro manner. Record label A&R Reps listens to a lot of demos and in the beginning it is probably the most exhilarating part of the job. Send Demo! Just think for a moment, A&R Reps are bombarded with new music without having to look very far, and all the independent artists that send in a demo are putting their fate in the A&R Reps hands! After a while, receiving all kinds of demo material goes from being exciting then turns into a huge chore for veteran record label A&R people, after being in the music industry for many years receiving demo music becomes the most bothersome thing an A&R has to deal with. Send Demo!

Send Demo to Record Companies that are accepting demos at this time. All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 record label companies, (AMIC) also includes an extensive list of record label A&R, music producers, music managers, music agents, music supervisors, music publishers and radio stations. You can use (AMIC) to send demo to almost anyone in the music business. Send Demo! There are many music industry professionals working for record companies, music management companies, music production companies and music publishing companies that are looking for professional artists that can send demo, presskit or a professional music demo package. Get Signed! Your demo package must include a 3-5-song demo with the best most commercial and impressive song first. Send Demo! Many record label A&R Reps and music managers will not get passed your first demo song if it does not catch their attention. Your demo must also contain an 8x10 picture of you or your band, keep in mind that a sharper more professional picture will get a better response and increase your chances of the demo you send being reviewed by the record label A&R Reps, music managers, music producers or music publishers. Send Demo! Don’t send a faded picture that you took with a disposable camera, these kinds of pictures are going to be extremely ineffective and I don’t recommend adding them to your send demo package. Invest a little bit of money and hire a professional photographer to take your pictures. Send demo!

Finally you will need an elaborate story to go along with the sleek professional demo package you send to all the music industry contacts. Ask yourself questions? Like why are you or your group so special? Send Demo! What do you have to offer as musicians? Send Demo! Do you have any band reviews or magazine articles written about you or your band, if so you want to send reviews or articles with your demo? Try and find anything relative to your music that you can add into your send demo package, emails from fans, show dates, etc. Send Demo! Your demo should also contain a biography that explains where you or your band came from and how you got in the situation that you are in. Your biography should be one page and very interesting. No one wants to read anything boring so create an exciting story. When I receive demos the first thing I notice is how it’s delivered first class, priority mail etc. Send Demo!

The second thing I notice is definitely the demos packaging, printing, artwork, look and things of that nature. Send Demo! The music industry can be a little shallow and judge a book by its cover so remember that when you package your send demo. If you are not willing to invest anything in yourself what makes you think I will want to invest in you. When you are ready to send your demo package you should purchase some 8.5 x 11 padded envelopes. Send Demo! It is important to use the same packaging as the rest of the music industry. Now your music sounds great and your package is ready to send to your intended music industry professional. Send Demo! Make sure that you call you’re A&R, manager, producer or publisher contact before you send your demo. Ask them for permission to send your demo and make sure that you have the correct contact information and mailing address. Send Demo! There are some very legitimate music industry directories that contain music industry contact information. The most informative and inexpensive one is All Music Industry Contacts. Send Demo!

Now you’ve sent your demo to a manager or record label A&R that you have been dying to work with. What do you do now? Send Demo! Remember the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” well it is true meaning you must follow up on the demo that you sent. Send Demo! There is a big difference between following up and being annoying. Wait a few days after you expected that your contact received the demo package and give them a call. Remember to be polite, to the point and professional. A successful A&R, Music Managers, Producer or Publisher doesn’t have any time to waste. Send Demo!


All Music Industry Contacts contains all of Americas most successful record label A&R'S, managers, producers & publishers including their contact information and credits. Send Demo!


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