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Whether record label is concerned the manager is the artist Advocate press secretary advisor planner negotiator decision maker protector and spokesperson all rolled into one. Because of the record labels substantial financial investment in a new artist combined with the increasingly sophisticated and complex requirements for selling big numbers to a mass audience a proactive experience manager is an essential help to the label in allocating resources and making the most of fish effective use of its assets. By contrast an unrealistic uncooperative manager can be a thorn in the side of a record company I could label sometimes a manager needs to be assertive with a record label sometimes that manager needs to be affirmative with the record label record company in order to protect the artist but even then the manager should not be difficult all the time.

The most common complaint against managers voiced by the record label Executives were we surveyed in that many of them don’t fully understand or appreciate the functioning and inner workings of the record label business in general and the record label in particular. Managers should have a thorough understanding of the organizational structure and procedures of the record label. The executives have her who you were quick to praise those managers who made it a point to understand what a record label could and could not do for an artist. Effective music management is impossible unless the manager is able to relate to the record label on its own terms this means having the same level of knowledge and skill as those he or she will be working with at the record label on a daily basis.



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Record Label Policies
The effectiveness of the record label should also be assessed at various stages. The Music Manager must be aware of personal and organizational changes occurring within the record label that could be that detrimental to the artist. The resignation or firing of key record label Executives, mergers or Acquisitions, and chips in the record label policies all could have some effect on the artist relationship with the record label. It is also vital that the artist gets his or her share of the resources and attention from the record label. If it becomes apparent that the artist does not figure into the long-term future of the record label it’s time to look elsewhere.
Rest assured that every record label conduct periodic reviews of their artist roster with the view of cutting the least productive Artists to make way for new blood. The examples of artists and record labels parting company after a long, successful relationships are many. While this is sometimes sad, it's also a reminder that the music profession at this level is very much a music business. There is a better chance for you to make it as an artist, band or music producer. If you are persistant & if you want to get in direct contact with a successful Record Label working with well established mus9ic distribution. (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts will help you book shows to promote your talent. If you are a solo artist or band it is vital to have a music manager or music agent as well, you can find all of their direct contact information at: All Music Industry Contacts including over 10,000 A&R's who work at
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Helping The Record Label Help You

Once the artist and Music Manager have succeeded in establishing an affiliation with a major record label they’ve cleared a crucial hurdle. In one way there finally achieved the success they worked so hard to attain. Yet in another way to work has only begun. Signing a contract with a good record label and becoming an established recording artist are two entirely different matters. To bridge the gap but it takes between the types of hard work it did to an interest the record label in the first place. The only difference is that the record label is not potentially a lie rather than a closed-door that must be pried open at this stage the music managers returns from sales person to motivator and coordinator. Helping the record label help you! Get connected with a record label; including A&R, music managers, agents, music producers, record label and publishers.

 A Mini Major Record Label is a company that affiliates with a major record label. How this works is the Mini Major Record Label usually has a&r reps and signs it own acts, promotes its own artists, produces its own records and has the Major Record Label distribute the records. The two Companies will split the profits from this joint venture by a certain percentage, usually in the favor of the Major Record Label. An example of a Mini-Major Record Label is Geffen, Interscope Records, Black Ground Records, Priority Records, Bad Boy Records and Maverick Records. Some examples of Independent Record Labels are No Limit Records, Aftermath Records, Priority Records, Side One Dummy Records & American Recordings.

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Different Types Of Record Labels and Their Advantages

It is the job of your record label to create and distribute records. In exchange for money a record label obtains the right to copy and distribute an your the artist’s record. The record company provides a recording agreement for the artist to sign that states the terms of their agreement. Record Labels obtain the exclusive right to reproduce the artist’s material in exchange for a cash advance and mechanical royalties. There are many types of Record Labels and they all have their benefits and disadvantages. There are Major Record Labels, Mini Major Record Labels and Independent Record Labels. The biggest Major Record Labels are Sony, Universal, WEA, and BMG. Some of the other Major Record labels are Warner Bros. Records, DreamWorks, RCA Records, MCA Records, Capital Records, Atlantic Records, and Columbia Records.

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