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all music industry contacts plus

All Music Industry Contacts Plus:

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music management 101

Music Management 101:

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The Music Marketing Engine:

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all music marketing products

All 3 Music Marketing Products:

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We Have The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 12 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 + Pages!

Press Kit:

Presentation counts:
Take the guesswork out of your press kit.

Promoters and talent buyers may review hundreds of potential acts every day; presenting yourself clearly and professionally means you’re more likely to be considered. The Press Kit takes the guesswork out of your presentation and makes it simple for you to put your best showcase together (and it’s free!).

“Yeah, I’ve got a following”
Connect your Press Kit to your social media profiles and show off that swanky lil' follower count.

Being able to see your fan counts at a glance gives talent buyers a solid idea of the size of your draw. Whether you're applying to headline a 300-person room or have a blast with the bar crowd and make a few bucks, you're more likely to book the right gigs for your act.

You’ve been keeping busy
Keeping your Press Kit up to date is the easiest way to show you're serious about performing. An active calendar doesn't just demonstrate that you mean business when it comes to playing shows on the regular, it also shows the growth of your career over time. By listing the venues and events you've played, you're telling promoters whether you're a fit for whatever they're booking, and letting them see that you're bigger than an amateur hour.

“Didn't I see you in Pitchfork?”
Got press? Let everyone know by collecting all your best mentions in one place.

Whether you prefer staying humble or screen-printing it on your shirts, you know how important reviews and coverage are for your continued success. Your Press Kit gives you space to show that the media takes you seriously as an artist. A pressed unit regularly referred to as a media unit in business environments, is a pre-packaged arrangement of promotional materials that provide information about a person, company, organization or cause and which is distributed to members of the media for promotional use. Press packs are frequently distributed to announce a release or for a news conference.

Technology: Press Kit

Traditionally the term, "press unit", referred to a lot of reports, photographs and other relevant materials packaged together, and designed to be sent to a newspaper or magazine as part of an organization's Public relations or promotional program. Recently, as print media circulation and readership levels have been declining, marketing and PR individuals have begun utilizing the broader term, "media unit", with the goal that it presently refers to any promotional material distributed to any media outlet.
Ryan Clement media unit ought not to be mistaken for an advertising media pack created by a newspaper or magazine for distribution to prospective advertisers. Advertising media units typically comprise of archives sketching out the print media's editorial rationality, detailed profiles of the medium's audience, a rate-card and information about forthcoming special features.

Marc Hayashi and Wood Moy on location in San Francisco's "Chan Is Missing," a film by Wayne Wang, 1981.

Press Kit Employments:

The press unit or media pack is a Public Relations (PR) staple, and an integral part of a company's media relations activities. Press units are typically utilized for: A media unit regularly accompanies a media release Product launches New company launch Mergers and acquisitions News conferences Announcements of special occasions, industry trade shows or exhibitions Accompany a press release or media release Advise the media of any newsworthy occasion inside a company's sphere of activities

Regular Press Kit:

There is no universal manual for the components that ought to be incorporated into a press unit or media pack, but coming up next are basic components:
A backgrounder with historical information on the company or individual.
Fact sheet posting explicit features, statistics, or benefits.
Biographies of key administrators, individuals, artists, and so on. Past press coverage Photographs or other images (high resolution) of key administrators, logos, products, and so on. A press release detailing the current news the media pack is sent in reference to Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson) CD, DVD, software title, video, and so forth as appropriate for the sender of the release Collateral advertising material, for example, postcard, flier, newspaper ad, and so on.

Band press kit packs:

Musicians, including orchestras, bands, and choral groups use media units when launching another album or when performing at a special occasion. Band press units frequently have their very own extraordinary arrangement of segments, including:

Band biography/History of the band:



Photographs – color or (monotone (black and white) for newspapers; color for other media) Press articles/reviews Notable achievements Contact information for the band's label, manager, publicist, other representative and connections to social media pages Discography (all previous albums and/or singles released by the band) [Optional] Equipment list (included when the unit is to be sent to a music scene) Sports media guides Main article: Media control Electronic press kit pack (Press Kit)

"Press Kit" redirects here. For the weapons manufacturer originally known as Press Kit, see Pyrkal. An electronic press pack (Press Kit) is a press unit equivalent in electronic form. An Press Kit usually takes the form of a website or email, however, they are also known to exist in CD and DVD form. The first referred to Press Kit, as we probably are aware it today, premiered live on the web on January 8, 1995, and was concocted and given the exact name electronic press pack or Press Kit by Andre Gray, the inventor of online music sales certifications and winner of The Johannes Gutenberg Inventor Prize. Gray's Press Kit featured a bio, audio cuts, videos, photographs, press, set rundown, basic technical requirements, and a calendar and featured R&B singer and songwriter Aaron Hall as the first artist ever to have an Press Kit created on their behalf.[citation needed]

Press Kit Distribution formats:

Many companies make their electronic press units available via the corporate website, where packs are offered in PDF format. An electronic press unit can be provided in any of the accompanying formats: CD, DVD, Video or audio cassette.

The Internet (for example Email, WWW, newsgroups, and so on.)

Press Kit Substance:

The substance of an Press Kit media unit is similar to other sorts of the media pack, but are probably going to incorporate a range of audio-visual material. Choices about what to incorporate into the Press Kit media unit will rely upon the industry and target audience. As a general guide, an Press Kit in the music industry may contain the accompanying:


Music cuts (audio records, CD or DVD)

High-resolution press photographs

Forthcoming tour dates

Promotional videos

Disconnected website or website links, especially connections to relevant social media and music websites

Media reviews and interviews

"RIYL" or "recommended in the event that you like" list (rundown of artists in similar styles or genres)

Contact information

High resolution, color photographs or images of key administrators, the company logo, products, and so on.

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