If you would like to expedite the process and receive one song Mastered in 24 hours, upload your song using our Ryan Clement Mastering FILE UPLOAD SYSTEM. We will regularly have your song Mastered within 1 hour from when you upload your song/.wav file and you make payment using our PayPal Payment Menu, Choose Payment Option 1 - One Song Mastering $25 USD,
If you don't have a PayPal Account, click on! Don't have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card in blue, right under the PayPal login option. Please Note! Use the same email address that you typed in the email@here.com File Upload Text Field that you use to complete your PayPal Transaction for $25, that way we know which project is yours by linking the file upload email address with the email address you used to make the PayPal Payment. Make sure that you use the same email address for both upload and payment services. We also will know which clients have paid and who needs to upload their song/.wav file still so we know exactly when we can start your project, every second counts when we only have an hour to master your song.



After you make payment and Upload your Song/.wav file, all of the engineers & who ever is working customer service will be notified via texts and emails which are forwarded directly to all of our cell phones. Either Ryan, David or Meech (whoever has the time to do one song in 1 hour will take the gig). We only do song in 1-24 hour projects from 10am to 8pm 7 days a week! The texts and emails will let us all know if a client has uploaded and paid for One Song Mastering in 1 Hour. We only get around Eight 1 Song Mastering Projects a day, we mostly do EP's and Full Albums. If you need a full album mastered we can have it finished in 24-48 hours from when we receive payment and EP/Album is Uploaded. Our Hours of Operation are 7 days a week between 10am and 8pm. Ryan Clement, David Lopez and Meech Wells (snoop Doggs Favorite Producer) do most of the Audio Mastering at Ryan Clement Mastering, unless their ears get burned out and we need to get in touch with one of our other four highly trained CD Mastering Engineers. We have atleast four CD Mastering Engineers on call 7 Days a week from 10am to 8pm. Everybody likes working for Ryan, he pays our Engineers $80 dollars an album and they do around two Albums a day in a 10-14 hour shift. "I only hire audio Mastering Engineers that really know how to EQ and Compress a song perfectly in the first run, they have to have that ear for Mastering and know how to not only make a song sound great but fix problems originated from the recordings or mix". Ryan Clement

We have three indentical Audio Mastering Labs which all include a 24 bit/192 kHz DIGI-Design Pro-Tools HD system, our New Custom Made Analog Tube Mastering EQ, Manley Massive Passive EQ and our Manley Mastering SLAM Stereo Limiter/Compressor. Ryan Clement also installed the Waves Mercury Bundle in all three Mastering Labs incase we need to fix just the instrumental or .wav mono vocals in the mix, usually we only use audio detection/ correction software/ click/ crackle or d'essser or noise software to clean up a stereo track or all the vocal tracks before we run the song through our State of the Art Audio Mastering Gear. If we are really busy we will work overtime but if we can not get your song Mastered and sent back to your email address within 1-24 hours during our business hours 10am to 8pm then we will refund your money and the song is FREE. Remember to make sure that the email Address that you typed in the email@here.com Text Field/Box before uploading your Song File/Files is the same email address that you use to make your Pay Pal, Debit/Credit card payment transaction....

Mastering Prices

Upload your Song or Mastering Project!

Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.


We only Master MP3 or WMA files if that is all you have because the quality is 10 times less then a .wav file, you can make an MP3 by converting your song Masters to .MP3 320kbps or .WMA 320kbps for the best quality sound. We do not master songs that are distorted, overcompressed or too loud. Your mix/song should be a stereo .wav file and the loudest point should not go above (negative) -3 but not lower then -10 to give us enough headroom for widening, warmth and EQ. We also accept .aif files but not .aiff files but prefer .wav files.. We do not master songs that are distorted or too loud. Your song has to be uncompressed and do not use a limiter or compressor to make it louder, song should be mixed down low and clean.

$25 One Song Mastered Within 24 Hours

Send us a wav./file song using our New Audio Mastering FILE UPLOAD SYSTEM. below, Why wait! One song is only $25 dollars and we can have it sent back to your email address within 1 hour from when you upload your song and you make a $25 dollar PayPal Payment using our PayPal Payment Menu, Make sure that you mix down to a stereo wav. file. Level Should be from -3 to -6. You may need to bring your master fader down between -3 to -6 to get the desired level before you mix down. If the overall song level is too hot, Limited or Compressed we will have no room for Audio Mastering EQ and our Manley CD Mastering Limiter/Compressor.

We need headroom! If you have a compressor on the master mix please take it off. I recommend that you mix your songs down to a stereo .wav file between -3db to -6db. You may need to bring the master fader down to get the desired level. The loudest part of the song should be no higher then -3db. The mix down should be low and clean.

Upload Song FIle Or Zip Folder

Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.



At Ryan Clement Mastering, if you don't get a hold of our customer service in the first few attempts. Please leave a message which includes your phone number & email address so we know who you are (we get around 100 phone calls a day, you will probably get a quicker response if you email us)

TEXT: 818 478 1038 Email: help@audio-cd-mastering.com

Thank You

David Lopez (Office Manager)