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We Have The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 11 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 + Pages!

We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who verify our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls a week, thats over 38,400 calls a year to make sure that you have the most accurate information possible!

Get In Direct Contact With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors and Music Publishers!





Special Offer For Our 19th Anniversary! Get A FREE Custom Designed Website Worth $5,000, Audio Mastering Worth $250 & CD Cover Design Worth $3000-$5,000, FREE With Purchase Of Our All Music Industry Contacts Plus Directory Which Is Only $32.95. After You Purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus You Will Receive Instructions On How To Get Your Free Custom Designed Music Website Plus Music Marketing Products Worth Over $5,000 All Together. After that its only $20 per month!

Music Websites


Limited Time Special Offer! You chose the perfect day to visit our website! Everybody that orders our 1,000 page All Music Industry Contacts Plus Directory for $39.99 this week gets a free state of the art custom designed Artist, Band or Music Producer website with built in .Mp3 & Video player, Free CD Cover Design & Free Audio Mastering (If Needed) worth $3000-$5,000 - We want you to be able to present your music in a professional way so bad that we outsourced the job to 58 of the most talented website designers so that we can provide this special service for you this week only as part of our 19 year anniversary. Its our way of giving back to our customers! All you need is to order (AMIC) Plus below, have at least 1-3 songs recorded and mixed down, 1-8 quality pictures, 2 paragraph summary about your music career, 1 page biography, show dates and any press (magazine articles, notable written things that will make you look good to music industry professionals that you contact via email! This is your opportunity to send a link to your desired music industry contact to your new free custom designed website. The only thing is that you have to pay $12.99 per month for your website hosting a year in advance so that the search engines don't think that your a spam, fly by night company, that scams people out of money real fast then gets shut down and uses a different hosting account and domain name and does it all over again. We want to make sure that your new custom website get spidered with in a couple days instead of six months and ranks number 1 in the search engines for your name, artist name and song titles, its called search engine optimization and yes our company hired marketing experts to do that for you as well and it cost us a fortune.

You can thank our founder Ryan Clement for everything we are doing for you this week, he wanted to do something really special for our customers for our 19th anniversary. I can't even imagine what he's going to do for our 20th anniversary. We are also going to pay for your domain name for ever or as long as you want your website online which will cost us $14.99 per year and it ads up so in 10 years we will have paid $150 for your domain name. So basically you get a state of the art custom designed website with a cool original background including search engine optimization (worth $5,000), CD Cover Design (worth $300) and Audio Mastering (worth $50 per song) and all you have to pay if you order All Music Industry Contacts Plus and become one of our lucky customers today is $11.99 for your domain name and $12.99 a month for one year which equals a one time fee of $155.88 and we will pay for your domain name and website hosting for every year after that. INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY, We will even let you make it in two easy payments of $77.94. One payment when we start Audio Mastering, CD Cover Design and Custom Website Design and one payment when we are finished and you are happy with everything. All Music Industry Contacts Plus also includes an E-Book called Internet Entrepreneur (written by our Founder & Mix Makers CEO Ryan Clement who is also a successful Online Music Marketing Consultant for the largest independent rock label in the world called Side One Dummy Records who has signed acts like the multi-platinum bands Flogging Molly & Bedouin SoundClash).

Website Example:

Please Read This Entire Page So That You Understand Exactly What Our Special Promotion Is All About And Exactly What You Will Be Receiving FREE For Being A Loyal Mix Makers/All Music Industry Contacts Customer And Why You Deserve Our Special Online Music Marketing And Services Promotion. You Are One Of A Handful Of Loyal Mix Makers/All Music Industry Contacts Customers Who Ordered "All Music Industry Contacts" In The Past 14 Years and Were Randomly Chosen To Receive Our Special Online Music Marketing Promotion Which Includes Around $3,000-$5,000 Dollars Worth In Free Music Marketing Products and Services Including a State Of The Art Custom Designed Artist, Band or Producer Music Website, Search Engine Optimization, CD Cover Design and America's Top Music Marketing and Promotion Products For Only $199, That is correct!  This Means That You Have Been Specially Chosen To Receive Over $3,000-$5,000 Dollars Worth In Music Marketing Products And Services For Only $199 As Specified Below. You Don't Want To Miss This Opportunity! If You Don't Have $199 Right Now, Then You Can Make Payments, 4 Easy Payments Of $50, Or 2 Easy Payments Of $100.

Ryan Clement/Founder and CEO of Mix Makers sold 300 Shares of his Google Stock and started a new company called "All Independent Music". In order to try and fix the problem independent artists and bands have with marketing and distribution companies. It's our/ Ryan's goal to make it so that every independent artist, band and music producer can have their own easily affordable custom designed state of the art music website used to market and distribute their own independent music.

This promotion is our companies way of  giving back to as many of our Mix Makers/All Music Industry Contacts customers as possible, without you we would not have had the enormous success that we have had in the Music Industry and also might not have been able to spend the money it took to program our new custom music website design software and platform that our website designers use to be able to make functional and spectacular looking custom music websites. This is just a start but hopefully we can build affordable custom music websites for every independent artist, band or music producer in the world that needs one. We may not be able to create a custom music website for all independent artists for only $199 now but since you were chosen for this special promotion we hope that you can benefit from getting one today yourself . So for you as long as this offer stands you can get a highly affordable custom music website for only $199, although our brand of custom made music websites designed by our new company "All Independent Music" will start out at $500-$2000 at first, the quality and functionality will be well worth it of coarse and once our software programmers are finished creating our new music website design software platform which should be fully functioning by next month, we hope to be able to create a custom music website for $299-399 and hopefully get a little bit of free press, although by next year our main goal is to be able to design a custom website for every artist, band or music producer for only $199 but that may take some more time. Is it ok if anyone from the media contacts you about your experience with our new company because that's mostly what this special promotion is for.  We are basically giving you everything that you will need to promote and sell your music online at your new custom designed website. Below is a list of the products and services worth well over $5,000 that you will receive for only $199!

Website Example:

  • Custom Designed Website - highly functional custom artist, band or music producer Website which includes a high quality .mp3 Player with integrated Buy Now Buttons, your website will also have a built in Video Player, instead of pulling videos from YouTube, your video player feature uses a file uploaded directly to your website. This way your videos will play without the worry of any ads popping up or sending your visitors to a whole new page or website to watch your video. Our team can upload a file up to 100MB in MOV, AVI, MP4 or M4V Formats. Your video will be optimized encoded and streamed right from our servers. Your new website will also be completely Mobile Friendly. You will also get Free Website Hosting Worth $14.99 a Month! Your Custom Website Alone Is Worth Anywhere Between $3,000-$5,000
  • Website Hosting -- It normally costs around $12.99-$14.99 Per Month for website hosting so we decided to make things easier on you and make website hosting part of our amazing new special music marketing promotion. We are going to pay the $14.99 a month for your website hosting for as long as you want your new website online.  Worth $12.99-$14.99 Per Month
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization - Your website will be optimized by a Search Engine/Online Music Marketing Guru that will make sure that your new website is optimized for keywords and phrases like your artist, band or music producer name or keywords and phrases that we determine will promote your music to hundreds of thousands of potential fans worldwide. For instance we will optimize your WebPages for Key Phrases like "New Rock Music" or "New Hip Hop Song" so that your WebPages rank high in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN for those keywords or phrases. This service is priceless yet included for you in our New Special Online Music Marketing Promotion for being one of a handful of randomly chosen Loyal Mix Makers Customers dating back to 2003! After your custom music website is designed and online, all potential fans have to do is search your name or stage name and other relative keywords or phrases and your new website will be number one in all the organic search engine listings which will make it easy for you to promote your music at shows and on social media websites. Worth Priceless!
  • CD Cover Design - Created by our graphic design team using 1 or more of your quality pictures plus great looking text preferably your artist, band or music producer name. Also CD Cover Design should include Single, EP or Album Title. We may include graphic background design if you don't have a good high quality picture that we can work with. Worth $300-$500
  • All of Americas Top Music Marketing Products! Worth Over $1,000 All Together As Seen Below!
  • All Music Industry Contacts PLUS -

Includes All of Americas Most Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Radio Stations, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Producers & Music Publishers Plus their complete contact information, updated email addresses and credits. All Music Industry Contacts Plus will also help you promote your new custom music website to over 20,000 music industry professionals! 1,000 Pages. Worth $34.95


  • 53 Music Promotion Websites

In this Music Marketing Guide, you'll discover the 53 websites that are hungry for your music including:, 20+ music magazines that will review and share your music for free publicity and exposure  PLUS: Discover how to get featured in even more music magazines. you can post a link to your new man made custom website from music media websites, music blogs, online radio stations, online magazines, webzines and it will help you get interviews on internet radio and independent radio stations.

 33+ radio stations that are looking for indie music to deliver to their listeners

 BONUS: 9 vloggers who will conduct a video

     review/interview of your music

 10 more music licensing companies to submit your music. Worth $29.99    

  • The Music Marketing Engine -

     The goal of our “The Music Marketing Engine” e-book is to share information     

     about how to market and promote your website properly online by Ryan 

     Clement Founder and CEO of Mix Makers!

     Learn what has worked for me after much trial and error. If you take

     even a portion of the advice in this e-book to heart, it could save you years

     of wasted time! Worth $999.00

Even if you already have a music website, will it look and function like one designed by our Graphic Design and Online Music Marketing Team? It would be wise of you to take advantage of this special promotional offer and have our team build you a highly functioning custom website, plus if we design your new custom website, it will be optimized and designed especially to promote music. As if that's not enough In exchange for us building/designing you an expensive custom, one of a kind website worth well over $3,000-$5,000 for only $199 including all the other music marketing products and services, All that we want you to do is be sort of like a spokesperson for our company and tell all your friends, family and other independent artists, bands and music producers how we helped you with everything you need to start promoting and selling your music online in a new and innovative way. Thank you!  Ryan Clement/Founder/CEO, Please Call My Personal Cell Phone: (818) 459 2004 If I don't answer my Cell, please send me a text message. Only send an email if you absolutely have to because I get at least a hundred emails a day and yours might be hard to find or end up in my spam folder. My Personal Email Address Is:, one of our business email addresses is and our customer service phone number is: 1+ (818) 478-1038

  • What Type of Content Will You Need For Our Graphic and Web Design Team To Design and Create Your New Custom Website?

If you don't have all the content meaning everything that you need for us to design your website now, don't worry! We can start designing your website and add new content as we go! All you need to start with is at least 1 song/or a song that's almost ready. You will also need at least 1 good quality picture. The last but most important thing you will need is a single page biography written about you the artist, band or producer, tell your story! If you have one song that is almost ready and just needs some finishing touches or professional mastering let us know. If all you need is mastering we can work something out because Mix Makers/Our Company /Owns a Music Mastering Company.

Music Is A Virus will teach you proven online music marketing techniques that will help you build a fan base online using your new custom website and show you how to convert fans email addresses into song download sales or huge super fans online. Forget these online distributors who do nothing to promote your album accept let you build your own basic profile and their only form of marketing or promotion is some old overused tags that you can enter in the text field which don't do anything for anybody. I'm sure we can all agree that right now online music distribution is a joke and companies like bandcamp, reverbnation, soundcloud and iTunes charge at least $10 a month to display your CD Cover and a playlist with no real functionality or creative design, where do you put all your unique independent content. We will design your CD Cover for free as well just for being a loyal Mix Makers Customer or by uploading a good song at one of our main websites and being chosen to receive our new music marketing special package geared to help all independent artists, bands and music producers get a highly functional world class website for an affordable price so that they could actually make a good living selling their own mastered music online with no way for people to pirate songs because they will only be available at your expensive looking new website for listening purposes only at first to build a fan base online.

All you have to do is pay for just the one song that we already mastered for you that sounds 100% better then it did before and you get it all. All we are going to ask from you is to tell your friends, family and colleagues about the incredible experience that you had with our new companies special mastering and online music marketing promotion. This is a limited one time special offer for a free custom designed website, CD Cover and All our famous music marketing products just for becoming a new mastering customer so you have to act fast and call me directly on my personal cell phone which is (818) 459 2004, if I don't answer please send me a text message. I would prefer a phone call so I can personally congratulate you for winning our promotional artist, band and producer package or you can email me at my personal account which is

Subject: Mix Makers Customers Get A $2500-$5000 Artist, Band or Producer Website For Only $199 Plus Free CD Cover and All Music Marketing and Promotion Products

You Are One Of A Handful Of Loyal Mix Makers Customers Who Purchased "All Music Industry Contacts" In The Past 14 Years and Were Randomly Chosen To Receive Our Special Online Music Marketing Promotion!

If your interested in this great opportunity, please call our Founder and CEO of Mix Makers/Ryan Clement. Personal Cell Number: 818 459 2004, If I don't answer my Cell please send me a text message. Only send an email if you absolutely have to because I get at least a hundred emails a day and yours might be hard to find or end up in my spam folder. My Personal Email Address Is:

If you want to help us use Search Engine Optimization to market your custom music website we will add a Title, Description and keywords to your WebPages and you can write keyword targeted content focused on driving thousands of unique visitors/potential fans to specific WebPages on your website, this is called Search Engine Optimization, I'm not going to even attempt to try and explain how it all works here but I wrote a book when I was 25 years old called Internet Entrepreneur that I will attach to this email which explains everything that you need to know to help us market your music online to potential fans who are searching the three major Search Engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Ok, if you wanted to find one of my companies websites online for example, Go ahead and Google "music managers" my website is almost always number 1 in the Google and Yahoo organic search results which means my website ranks high in the free listings for the phrase "music managers," There are a few websites above mine but they are paid listings so they don't count. Using the phrase "Hip Hop Music" as an example you will want to rank high in the search engines for the genre of music that you play plus one or two extra words to make your phrase more targeted to exactly what your are marketing, for instance "Download Hip Hop Music"

Ryan Clement sold 200 of his Google shares so that he can give back and pay to have Artist or Band music websites built FREE for all his "Audio Mastering" and "Mix Makers/Mix Makers LLC/" Customers. You will get a new professional Artist or Band music website even if you only master one song with "Ryan Clement Mastering" or only purchase one of our Mix Makers products, called All Music Industry Contacts Plus. AMIC Plus also contains over $300 dollars worth in our top selling products. AMIC Plus includes our 1,000 page All Music Industry Contacts 2017 Plus, 178 Music Industry Contracts, How To Make A Living As An Artist Or Band, Internet Entrepreneur and a bunch of How To E-books that are guaranteed to help you further your music career all for only $34.95. Ryan Clement is going to pay 4,000 out of his own pocket to have your music website designed and pay for your domain name and $14.99 a month for your music website hosting. Your new Artist or Band website will include a state of the art .Mp3 player with buy now capabilities so you can sell your music as well. Your music website will also include a built in video player as well. We will pay the $14.99 a year for your domain name; all our clients have to do is pay a one time fee of $199 for their custom music website and everything is included. Websites!

The custom designed music websites look and function excellent, design includes a Home Page, Music Page: Contact Page, Biography Page and all custom music websites include a sleek looking .mp3 player programmed to play our clients' mastered songs. Our clients can also ad any other content that they feel important like News or Show Dates. In 2004 Ryan Clement our Founder and CEO invested a small fraction of his companies' profits after taxes for that year which was $425,000 and purchased 5,000 shares of Google stock at the IPO price of $85 dollars a share, a Google share is now worth just below $1500 dollars a share. When Ryan Clement sold 200 of his Google shares at $1500 dollars a share this year, he decided to use the money to give back to all of his Mix Makers and Ryan Clement Mastering customers/clients/independent artists, bands and music producers and have their Artist, Band or Producer website built by one of the most respected graphic design companies in the world called Zero to Sixty. Ryan is going to pay Zero To Sixty $5,000 per website and only charge our customers a $199 processing fee. Ryan Clement our CEO is going to make sure that every Artist, Band or Music Producer has a Professional music website so that they can send links to record label A&R, Music Managers and Music Producers that will further their music career. Websites!


All you have to do is visit this website and purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus for $34.95. After that go to this page and upload your pictures, CD Cover, Songs/Mp3s and typed out biography and any other content that you want on your new custom designed music website typed out in Microsoft Word Format. You can also upload a .txt document typed out in Notepad and every PC computer has Notepad. If your songs do not sound perfect, we will also have them professionally mastered for $10 per song and if you do not have a CD Cover, we will design one using one of the pictures that you upload and cool looking text. Ryan Clement Founded Mix Makers and Ryan Clement Mastering by the time he was 23 years old and both companies have been highly successful making millions in the past 15 years. Ryan was the first to market any music industry product or service-using pay per click advertising long before Google came out with Google Ad words. Ryan Started advertising in 2001-2002 with the company that created pay per click called Overture and his first company Mix Makers and now Ryan's new company called All Independent Music was successful immediately because his music industry related product line created for independent artists were a hit in within the music industry and now Ryan Clement is creating expensive highly functional music websites worth over 5,000 but selling them to our customers for only $199 and you can make payments too. Ryan used most of the profits that he made to create and market the most affordable music mastering company in the world called Ryan Clement Mastering. Yahoo bought Overture in 2003, which made Ryan's companies then triple in size and made him the Founder of the largest two music industry related businesses in the world. Websites!


Now Ryan Clement wants to give back a fraction of his wealth to all of his customers/clients and pay to have a professional, great looking and highly functional music website built for all $5,000 of them. After Yahoo Bought Overture, Google refined its own pay per click advertising company called Google Ad words. Ad words was rumored to be legit by 2003. Ryan had already mastered pay per click advertising so his Yahoo advertising account was fully optimized to get the best return on investment and get the most sales per advertising dollar spent.  Ryan used the same

keywords and bid amounts that made his Yahoo advertising campaign successful and Ryan used the data he collected from his Yahoo account to create his Google Ad words account, which made Ryan one of the youngest self-made millionaires before people that went to high school with him were even out of college he was a millionaire. Ryan was only 23 years old. Ryan soon heard about Google going public and that their (IPO) initial public offering was going to be very low compared to what their stock was really worth so he invested all of his companies profits and bought as much Google stock as he could which now exceeds 5,000,000 in worth.


Example of our Artist, Band and Music Producer Music Websites that We Designed this Week!

Click the Links Below to Visit the Music Websites We designed For $199 with no monthly hosting fee!

Laura Marie

Elijah Aaron

Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi

Carl Freeburg Music


More Websites We Designed Below!

Nice Peter

Jager Music


Ryan Clement Music

Beats By CED

Refugee All Stars

Example of Our Integrated .Mp3 Players Below!


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Mix Makers
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Direct Line: 1+818-459-2004
Customer Service: 1+818-478-1038

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All Music Industry Contacts - includes over 10,000 A&R People at over 2,000 record labels, (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts also includes a lengthy list of music producers, music managers, music agents, record label A&R Contacts, music supervisors, music publishers and radio stations. You can use (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts to get in direct contact with practically any record company A&R in the music business. There are a number of music industry contacts working for music production companies, music publishing companies, and record label A&R, music management companies and music agents that are looking for impressive artists or bands to sign, you can send a demo press kit or a dexterous demo package to record label A&R Contacts if you're trying to get signed.

music manager

artist management

Music Industry Contacts

    $23.95 music managers

All Music Industry Contacts (Standard) Includes: Record Label A&R Contacts, Music Marketing Contacts, Music Publisher Contacts, Music Producer Contacts & Independent Record Label A&R Contacts: That is 5 seperated and different directories and below is All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) AMIC (Plus) which includes 11 seperated Music Industry Contacts directories for only $32.95 because we wanted AMIC (Plus) to be easily affordable for Music Industry Professionals, Artists, Bands and Music Producers:

music industry contacts

All Music Industry Contacts: (Standard): More Details:


music managers


     $32.95 music managers

artist management

All Music Industry Contacts: (Plus): More Details:

The Music Marketing Engine: "Instant Download"

music management 

     $34.95 music managers

The Music Marketing Engine

The Music Marketing Engine: More Details:


music management 101

    $24.95 music managers

music management products

Music Management 101: More Details:

music managers

music managersmusic managementartist management 101

     $59.95 music managers

  • (Total Value: $87.85) - Today Only: ($59.95)

All Three Music Marketing Books: More Details:




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