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What exactly is music mastering? Music mastering is the art of enhancing mixes so that they can compete with todays commercial releases. It is a sound engineers job to mix each individual song and make them sound great. After your songs are mixed they will all be at different levels and have a different EQ. Our music mastering engineers use Protools HD, an Analog Tube Mastering EQ, a Manley Slam Mastering Compressor and Dynamics Processing to make sure that all your songs match up to our quality control standards and sound professional. After your music is mastered all your songs will sound consistant from song to song. You need music mastering to make your album or demo sound like a Major Record Label release. Our Music Mastering engineers have excellent ears and can make your songs sound unbelievable for the most affordable price in the Audio CD Mastering industry, especially because we use analog outboard gear for the same price the other CD Mastering cats use Plugins.



After we master an album we play it though our entire audio speaker system, which consists of three sets of high-end Studio Monitors, Bose home surround sound system, computer speakers, car stereo and regular CD player to insure that your music sounds professional on anything a potential fan will play it on. We will make your Songs/CD sound clean, warm, three demensional and punchy. After music mastering you will be able to hear every single instrument and your vocals will be clean, clear and upfront. During the music mastering process we can also get out any noise, clicks, crackles or pops that may be in the recordings/mixes. We do not recommend that the person who mixes your album master it because their ears will be biased. CD mastering is an extremely important step before you send your music off for cd duplication or shop your music to A&R Executives.

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If you decide to ship your DATA or Audio CD we accept United States Postal Service Money Orders which are obtainable at any United States Post Office.

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Phone: 818 459 2004

Remember to make money orders payable to Ryan Clement, Founder of our CD Mastering Company.

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We don't use Plugins like our Competitors! We do top level mastering for the lowest price in the industry. We charge $25 per song if you are an independent artist or record label; this includes a free Red Book Master CD. Most Audio CD Mastering facilities with similar equipment and experience charge around $100 dollars a song. We only charge $50 to a $100 a song when we master for Major Record Labels because they have a CD Mastering Budget.

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Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.


Make sure that you leave a little bit of head room (3 to 6 dB) so that we have room for Analog EQ and Mastering Compression. The loudest point in your Song (or the peak) should be between -3 to -6db with no limiter or compression on overall Song/Mix, Compression is ok if you use it correctly on a separated track in the mix but not on the Song/Main Mix as a whole. The biggest mistake people make is sending us Audio Files/Songs that are too hot, clipping, limited or compressed. Learn more about audio clipping. (audio)

At Ryan Clement Mastering, if you don't get a hold of our customer service in the first few attempts. Please leave a message which includes your phone number & email address so we know who you are (we get around 100 phone calls a day, you will probably get a quicker response if you email us)

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