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We Have The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 11 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 + Pages!

We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who verify our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls a week, thats over 38,400 calls a year to make sure that you have the most accurate information possible!

Get In Direct Contact With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors and Music Publishers!








The Music Marketing Engine

Order The Music Marketing Engine Normally Costs $1,000 For The Whole 20 Part Course, Then We Wanted To Make The Music Marketing Engine More Affordable For The Average Artist, Band or Music Producer So We Brought The Price Down to $399 & Now We Are Making All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) Absolutely Free Just For Ordering The Music Marketing Engine For $32.95 Which Is A Great Deal. The Music Marketing Engine.

Music Marketing is in your music career, and gets you some genuinely necessary information to get up and running with this side of things. It won't just demonstrate to you why you have to market your music, yet let you know how you can get your music marketing campaign up and running. It'll also demonstrate to you probably the prescribed procedures you ought to put into affect and significantly more. All in all, what is music marketing? All things considered, music marketing, also know as music promotion, is the process of raising awareness of your music.

By marketing your music, you are getting individuals to know it exists. Without properly promoting yourself or your music, nobody would know you even make music. There are a number of ways in which you can market your music. It tends to be as basic as talking to individuals and telling them you make songs, to bigger marketing efforts, for example, performing gigs, getting on TV, or letting individuals on social networking websites comprehend what you're all about (And giving them a chance to tune in).

Further examples of ways you can promote your music will be given as this guide goes on. Straightforward: If you don't market your music, nobody will know it exists! What number of sales or fans do you think you'll get if individuals don't have any acquaintance with you make music? That's right, none! You can record 1000 songs and have the best album in the world; however on the off chance that you don't successfully communicate this message to individuals, it won't be worth anything.

Proper marketing can make or break your music career, so make sure you learn how to do as such properly. Proper marketing can make or break your music career, so make sure you learn how to do as such properly. "Be that as it may, wait..." I hear some of you considering, "... I simply want to make music and not worry about the marketing side of things. Can't another person do it for me?" Well... probably not. While it used to be the case record labels would do all the marketing for you and you simply center on projecting your talent, this is not any more a possibility for most new musicians. Record labels generally won't sign you except if you already have a proven fan base, and have demonstrated you have the potential to make cash. The main way you can do this is by working up your fan base and salary levels yourself.

 The main way you can get those things in place is by making great quality songs AND properly marketing your music. While you could always hire individuals to do the marketing for you, this can get exorbitant and frequently is certifiably not a smart thought except if you're at a decent level with your talent. In case you're paying somebody to promote your music for you, it's hard to get legit feedback from them. They will disclose to you you're ready to get your music out there, regardless of whether you're most certainly not. After all, they're trying to secure a contract with you and earn a living themselves. You will sooner or later see whether the fans don't take well to you, however by then you will have wasted a great deal of time and cash on music promotion.

 On the off chance that however you had started out promoting yourself, you would have got this vibe significantly earlier, and improved your talent before you took the marketing of your music any further. Along these lines, we should start out our music marketing campaign ourselves. In light of this, today we will take a gander at a portion of the ways you can do only that. Read on to the conclusion to get a smart thought of how you can get going. So now you comprehend what music marketing is, and you realize that it's important in the event that you want to increase your fan base and the amount of cash you make from your talent. Yet, what amount of time would it be advisable for you to dedicate to promoting your music?

All things considered, that will rely upon where you currently are in your music career. Contingent upon your current talent levels, you should take one of these two paths: If you're already talented and you've made great songs individuals will love, at that point you're at the stage of your music career where you ought to market your music more than making it! That's right; the making of new music should now take a back seat, and the majority of your efforts ought to go into promotions and raising awareness of your sounds. The reason for this is basic.

From here on you can make a load more great songs on the off chance that you want to, yet it won't enable you to achieve your dreams of turning into a full time musicians on the off chance that you don't get enough individuals hearing and getting it! I've seen individuals 'release' a great song and video, get under 150 individuals seeing it on you tube. They at that point think the answer is to release another song and video which will ideally take off better than their first one. So they release another song and video a couple of months later, and what do you know; it gets around the same amount of perspectives as the first video! This is an endless loop that musicians need to break out of. Just putting stuff out there is anything but a smart thought whether you want to take your music career to the following level; you have to promote it so it gets in front of new individuals.

 On the off chance that you just get a couple of perspectives on your first video, don't leave it to cease to exist in the you tube graveyard. Promote it to new individuals and get more individuals seeing it! There's no reason you couldn't get at least 2000 - 3000 perspectives on your first video on the off chance that you really wanted to, you essentially have to continue pushing it. And in the event that you experienced the effort to make a music video and want to perceive how well it'll do, this ought to be your aim. And wouldn't you say fans of your genre deserve to be demonstrated your great music? Indeed, they do.

So make certain to reach out to them and give everyone a chance of hearing your work of art! Try not to work on another song until you've given the previous song a fair chance to take off. The aim is to get new fans along the way, as well as giving something existing fans will love as well. I'd venture to say you ought to invest 70% of your energy marketing your music in the event that you want to have a financially effective music career, maybe considerably more on the off chance that you can. Making music is fun and the reason you became a musician, yet on the off chance that you want to make a living from your talent, you will have to start treating things more like a business.


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