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We Have The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 11 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 + Pages!

We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who verify our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls a week, thats over 38,400 calls a year to make sure that you have the most accurate information possible!

Get In Direct Contact With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors and Music Publishers!






Music Industry Jobs; The Most Extensive & Updated Music Industry Contacts Directories In The US! (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts Includes 12 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 Pages! We Have A Team Of Music Industry Professionals That Make Over 800 Calls Per Week To Verify Our Music Contacts Information & Ensure That You Have The Most Accurate Music Industry Information Available! Music Industry Jobs!

Music Industry Jobs


All you have to do is contact the department at the record company you want to work for and send them your resume. You may have to start near the bottom and work your way up. Jobs in the music industry are highly rewarding and if you land a full time position you can earn a nice salary doing something you love. We provide contacts to all the different companies and departments in the music industry. We highly recommend our products to anyone that wants to work in the music industry. Use our music contacts directories to get in contact and send your resume to people that are looking to hire now!

A&R Jobs

The a&r scout is the lowest level in the a&r department, it their job to listen to go to show listen to a&r music managers to review and possibly sign. If the a&r scout finds a band or artist that fits what the record label is looking for he or she will pass them to the A&R manager. If the a&r music manager makes their decision to sign the artist or band they will negotiate a record deal. The a&r manager plays many roles and it is his or her job to get the rest of the label interested in the artist and make sure the different departments work together to develop and promote the artist or band. You can use our music industry contacts to contact record labels and send them your resume.

How Do You Get An A&R Job?

The best way to become an a&r is to make contacts in the music industry and one of their best way to build contacts is by obtaining All Music Industry Contacts and start contacting a&r departments. You may need to start as an intern and work your way up to a&r scout then become an a&r. The music industry is not an impossible nut to crack. It is important to go to shows and make contacts with new artists.

Most a&r scouts promote at clubs, shows, manage bands or own small labels. You need to stay in touch with the grass roots music industry that record labels are looking to tap into. You may start out being an unpaid scout and if an a&r position opens up you could be able to move up. At first you will be fortunate if you get your expenses paid, as soon as word spreads that you are an A&R scout expect your mail box to be full of send demo packages, cds and artist marketing material. You will also be on the guest list for all of the local band nights in town. It's all about moving up in the ranks. When you do land a full time position at a record label or music management company expect to be paid properly.

As an a&r it is your job to listen to new music and go to gigs regularly. After you prove yourself you will be paid handsomely to do it. You will have the opportunity to discover talent before anyone else. It is a really rewarding job once you are doing it.

Music Management Jobs

Artist or music management is anything that will further an artists music career. This can be career planning, contract negotiations, setting up deals to helping in the recording studio. It depends on which type of music manager that you want to become. A business manager, for example will not usually be involved in creative decisions or day to day details. Its their job to make sure bills are paid and make business decisions.

You can start out as an intern at a music management firm and learn the ins and outs of the business and become promoted to a full time position. You can use our music contacts directory to contact music management companies to send them your resume. You may start as an intern and work your way up from there. Who can be a music manager? The answer is anyone. While there are schools and classes on being a music manager, very few music managers actually take that route. There are very few if any requirements or qualifications that you will need to become a music manager. If you become a personal music manager you can be involved with helping your artist in the studio on tour and help deal with the a&r at the record label.


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Music Industry Contacts

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