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Jay Malinowski

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How To Submit Your Songs To Record Labels, Radio Stations, Music Blogs, Press Policies & Submission Guidelines


Written by: Founder Of Mix Makers Ryan Clement on December 7, 2017 · 46 comments


As The Founder Of Our Company Mix Makers & The Publisher Of All Music Industry Contacts Standard & Plus Versions The Most Frequent Question We Get From Artists, Bands & Music Producers Is " How Do I Directly Contact The Music Industry Contacts Listed In All Of Your Music Contacts Directories?" The Answer Is Always Easy To Explain: Whether Your Trying To Submit Your Music To Top Music Industry Contacts; Including Record Labels, A&R, Music Magazines, Promotional Services, Music Managers, Music Blogs, Radio Stations, Music Supervisors, Music Producers, Music Agents, Music Publishers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys and Music Distributors You Have To Check Their Specific Submission Guidelines Before Getting in Direct Contact.  This Is The Most Essential Rule Of Music Promotion.


It Is The Rule Now & It Will Be The Rule 100 Years From Now When Humans Are Submitting Their Music Utilizing Some Kind Of Space Age Technology Producing Sound Waves With Focused Translucent Lasers Coming Out Of A Device That Is As Thin As A Piece Of Plain White Paper. I Know, I'm Creative! I'm Also An Italian Rapper When I'm Not Taking The Music Industry By Storm & Making Dope Beats On My $3,000 Keyboard.


I Created This Company Because I Love To Write About Music, I Also Work 80 Hours Per Week But You Know What They Say If You Love Your Job You Never Work A Day In Your Life. No, The Real Reason Why I Created This Company Is Because I Am An Innovative Online Music Marketing Consultant Who Is Fortunate Enough To Have Sold A Shit Ton Of Mine & Other Peoples Independent Music. Can I Say Shit Ton In This Article? I Guess I Can Do Whatever I Want Now! Who Can Say Anything About It, This Is My Record Company. No, I'm Just Trying To Make A Good Living Doing What I Love & I'm Going To Teach You How So Keep Reading While I Figure Out Where To Stop Writing In All Caps.


 There truly is no excuse not to look for submission guidelines, almost all of the companies listed in All Music Industry Contacts have their submission guidelines visibly posted online right next to their contact or about us information. I know why artists, bands & music producers ignore guidelines, its because we are always in such a hurry to do something else & are always on the lookout to find some kind of shortcut that we can expose, its an inclination that lies deep within our psychological profile and is a hard one to crack, I may have to say. I might have broke a couple rules here and there while shopping my first demo. Whatever! All I can do is be myself and relate to the information or topic that we are exploring.


There’s really no excuse not to check. Ninety percent of music services have their submission guidelines clearly posted online.


Why do artists ignore submission guidelines?


My guess is, as is the case with most people, musicians and artists are in a gigantic hurry and are always on the lookout for any available shortcut. It’s a habit that lies deep within our psyche and is hard to break.


Shortcuts are great when you end up where you’re trying to get to. If you don’t end up at your destination, then by definition, it’s not really a shortcut.


In the music business, because there are so many thousands of people submitting their music daily, if you don’t follow the submission guidelines, you may as well open your window and throw your CD onto the street. That way, it has a miniscule chance of someone listening to it.


It used to be when you were looking for places to review or play your music, the options were very limited. You would make a demo in a studio or create a home recording, and would then mail physical copies to the various record labels. There were some college stations around that would play your song, and a cluster of homemade magazines, but that was it as far as any exposure opportunities went. Remember, there was no internet back then.


However, that was many years ago.


With the introduction of the internet and all of its components – including audio and video websites, music blogs, review websites, internet radio, podcasts, and social networking systems – it is no longer possible to even keep track of all the places that could help you to gain exposure for your music. And they all have their own special way that they like to be reached.


Yet, whether they have been around long enough to witness this change or have grown up with the internet as a fixture, a lot of artists still tend toward a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to making initial contact. They believe that it’s more practical than taking the time to research each music service individually.


But if it doesn’t get you anywhere, how practical is it?


How to submit your music


The remainder of this article explores all the possible ways (that I know of) to submit your music to the various music services (or in some cases, reasons why a music service doesn’t want your submission).


I have created this list to show you that there are MANY ways that you may be asked to submit your music. I hope to get the point across that sending your music without checking the submission guidelines is a waste of your time and money. And frankly, it just irritates people.



Music Industry Contacts


All Music Industry Contacts Covers Just About Everybody That's Successful In The Music Industry. Now we are going to show


Submission guidelines not only tell you how to make FIRST CONTACT, but more often than not, they also tell you how to follow up (or not). The follow-up can often be as important as the first contact.


The most common rule is that if they like your music, they will get in touch. In other words, “Don’t call us – we’ll call you.” It’s nothing personal, they just don’t have the time to respond to all of the submissions they get. Others may welcome a gentle reminder. Radio show hosts often ask that you follow their playlist to see if your music has been played (instead of contacting them and asking). A lot of places emphasize NO PHONE CALLS!


A sure-fire way to irritate someone is by following up in a way that they specifically asked you not to in their submission guidelines.


Music people are very busy. They are absolutely bombarded with music on a daily basis. It’s a byproduct of doing what they love to do: listening to and discovering new music. They are willing to deal with the deluge because of this incredible passion they have for music. All they ask in return is for you to follow a few simple rules that will make the handling of this incoming flow of music a bit easier.


The best way to have your submission stand out, is by making it personal and by following their submission guidelines to the letter. By doing so, you become part of the minority, and are more likely to be remembered. If you don’t follow the specific submission guidelines, your music faces the inevitable fate of being trashed.


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