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all music industry contacts


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Included With: “The Music Marketing Engine” we give you access to Email Marketing Service/Software for FREE so that you can give a couple songs away in order to receive a potential fans email address. It takes up to five points of contact to convert 5-10 percent of your targeted market in to a sales conversion, comes with Music Mastering.




















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all music industry contacts plus

All Music Industry Contacts Plus:

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music management 101

Music Management 101:

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The Music Marketing Engine:

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all music marketing products

All 3 Music Marketing Products:

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The greater part of A&R Reps that are recorded in (AMIC) do accept spontaneous material and a large portion of them ask to be recorded in the updated version of All Music Industry Contacts on a regular basis. With the achievement of any record label, the total of artists send demo grows drastically, A&R Reps ask to be recorded in All Music Industry Contacts because the quality of demo entries is substantially higher at that point if A&R Reps promote themselves in any other way. Make sure that you send a demo that is mastered by a professional mastering engineer so the sound quality can rival a major music release, this will enable your music to stand out from the crowd. It is also important to make sure that your demo comprises of at least 3-4 strong songs with your best song is first.

All Music Industry Contacts always incorporates numerous ways to contact your planned A&R, including their email address, mailing address and telephone number. Whether you will send an email to your proposed A&R Rep or send them a demo package through snail mail, you should wait about 1-2 weeks and then call the A&R on their direct telephone line. (AMIC) doesn't simply run down the bustling telephone number to the A&R Dept. it also records the direct telephone number or expansion so you can talk to your proposed A&R directly, from time to time you will get their assistant on the telephone whose name is also recorded in the All Music Industry Contacts A&R Directory.

The A&R assistant may act as the gatekeeper that filters out the great music from the bad so be pleasant and considerate to them as well. Present your demo music such that makes it worthwhile for an A&R Reps to take a gander at it and give your music a not all that bad tune in. You can easily extract all the A&R email addresses that work in your genre of music from our All Music Industry Contacts Directory and send a mass email that incorporates an association directly to your specially designed music website, in the event that you require a remarkably designed music website we will assemble you one for just $99, your website will incorporate a state of the art flash Mp3 player programmed to play your greatest songs, an association with your and profiles and we will also pay to have 1-5 of your songs mastered by a professional with the goal that your music sounds great on your new website all for just $199. In case you're interested in getting your very own specially crafted music website worked by our company call Mix Makers at (818) 459 2004

It's the equivalent of walking out to your mailbox each day, and finding an ever-growing number of letters carelessly addressed to you yet have absolutely nothing to do with your life! You'd probably start strong, carefully attending to every letter-except after some time you'd probably recently quit reading (aside from if something was presented in a way that appeared to be worth your chance).

We should start with what you should do. (And truly, these things happen on a regular basis)!

Start contacting all of the most successful music industry contacts/players! All Music Industry Contacts Standard & Plus contains all of the most up to date music contacts listings you will need to further your music career. Our (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts Instant Download also contains proven ideas that will help you make a living off of your music, including how to get a $5,000 artist, band or music producer website and all you have to do is pay $170 for the first year of website hosting, every year after that is free forever (plus free domain name).








Would You Like To Get Further In The Music Business!

You, Will, Need These Music Industry Contacts:

We Have The Most Extensive and Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 11 Separate Directories and Is Over 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who verify our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls seven days, that's over 38,400 calls a year to make sure that you have the most accurate information conceivable! Get In Direct Contact With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors, and Music Publishers!

Get All Music Industry Contacts Plus Today! (AMIC) Includes The Direct Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address and Credits To Thousands Of The Most Successful People In The Music Industry That Accept Unsolicited Material and Are Looking For Talented Artists, Bands and Music Producers To Sign Right Now! You Can Only Get This Complete Contact Information Here. Established In 2002 By Highly Successful Online Music Marketing Consultant Ryan Clement - All Music Industry Contacts Plus Is Comprised Of 1,000 + Pages Of Updated Music Industry Contact Information! Everybody Who Is Anybody In The Music Industry Is Listed In Our 11 Comprehensive Music Resources.

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(AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts (Plus):

All Updated for June 2019:

Whether you are an autonomous artist, band, musician, singer, rapper, music manager, A&R, free record label, music agent, music attorney, music publisher, music publicist, music supervisor, sound engineer, major record label A&R, music distributor or entrepreneur in the entertainment industry! You, Will, Need These Music Contacts! Get Signed This Year! All Music Industry Contacts (Standard) Instant Download - Contains all of Americas best Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Producers, Music Publishers, Independent Record Labels and Music Agents: including their total contact information in addition to updated email addresses and credits. (AMIC Update) are Over 600 Pages! Compatible with any computer framework PC, Macintosh, Any Cell Phone, Tablet, Notebook, Android, iPhone, Kindle! (AMIC) is All.PDF Files!

If you’re going to get anywhere in the music industry, it’s going to make connections. We’re proud to offer the most current and extensive music industry contacts lists in the industry. Our music industry contacts lists include Record Label and A&R contacts, Film, Television and Video Game contacts, Entertainment Lawyer contacts, and Music Publisher contacts. If we don’t have it, you probably don’t need it. A&R For songwriters, recording artists and bands, owning this record label contacts list is of the highest importance. When you are ready to send your music to the record labels, this current and active A&R music industry contacts list is what you’ll need. Looking for a FREE contacts list? They’re outdated junk and using them is wasting your time. Get serious. Get our updated lists. The A&R Registry includes current a list of regional A&R contacts not listed in any other directory! We give you a record label contacts list that includes all major & independent record label contacts in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London & Toronto. Includes the entire A&R staff with direct dial numbers & assistant’s names too. Get this A&R contacts list and get your career moving! This is the most current and up-to-date guide available. It’s updated CONSTANTLY to ensure accurate information. music industry contacts.

All Music Industry Contacts

Ryan Clement spent over 15 years developing Mix Makers Music Marketing and expanding the greatest music industry contacts products and services on the planet. Mix Makers, also known as Mix Makers LLC our parent company was established in 1999 by Founder Ryan Clement who is an established music industry executive who has dedicated his life to helping Artists and Bands further their music career while at the same time promoting flourishing music industry contacts related professionals/companies looking for talent. Our Founder is successful in his own right, Ryan Clement was the online music marketing consultant for the largest independent rock label in the world named Side One Dummy Records which has signed platinum bands like Flogging Molly. Ryan Clement is an expert at building a fan base & selling music online as instant downloads. Google search Ryan Clement and his music website is number 1-4 in the search results.

Ryan's website gets over 18,000 visitors a week. Ryan has a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and owns his own CD Duplication Company. Ryan Clement and Meech Wells met in 1999 while Meech was Producing six songs for Snoop Dogg's "The Last Meal Album" and they have been working together ever since. You can see Meech Wells Discography. Top Record Label A&R Contacts, Music Management Companies and Music Producers use our eleven extensive All Music Industry Contacts Directories regularly to promote themselves and contact one another. (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts is updated every month and contains thousands of music industry contacts including record label contacts that you will not find anywhere else. Any other company selling Music Industry Contacts most likely stole them from us.Example: not only stole our contacts/products, they also stole all of the content on our website. We work extremely hard to track down the most reputable music industry contacts/people that work in the music industry and obtain their complete contact information. We can do this more easily because most music industry contacts already know who we are and we always collect their contact information in a classy way. There has only been one person who I won't mention in the last 15 years who has asked to be taken out of one of our famous Music Industry Contacts Directories.

Most people ask to be listed and some music contacts even pay $25 per month to be listed in the first few pages. We only list reputable Music Industry Contacts and spend countless hours updating and expanding our Music Industry Contacts Directories. (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts! Whether you are an Artist, Band, Singer, Rapper, Music Manager or Music Producer you can use our 11 incredible Music Industry Contacts Directories to get in touch with almost anyone in the music business. We list almost anyone who is anybody in the music industry from Universal Records to Def Jam A&R. If your a seasoned Music Industry Contacts Professional and would like to be listed, please send an email to Ryan Clement. We will respond with detailed instructions on how to get your company listed in All Music Industry Contacts. You can use our music industry contacts directories to get in touch with people that can get you to the next level in the music industry and if not they probably know somebody that can and they can connect you with them. In the music industry, it's not about how talented you are it's about who you know? What a Cliché but its true. Don't get discouraged, keep pounding the pavement and you will get anywhere you need to go. Success is all about persistance$

(AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts!

How To Build & Promote Your Music Website

Included in (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts is extensive information about how to build & promote your artist, band or record label music website. Ryan Clement and I started a company that designs websites for artists, bands and music producers which includes a rad mp3 and video player, we will also have your music professionally mastered and even design your CD Cover if You need one for FREE. Below is a link explaining the amazing services/work we will do for artists, bands and music producers that need more internet presence. Our (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts Instant Download also explains everything that you need to know to start selling singles or full album downloads online directly from your own music website using our patented instant download system which comes with your new music website. If you decide to use our new company All Independent Music and get a $5,000 custom designed music website which comes with everything you need and all you have to do is pay $170 for the first year of website hosting then call 1+818-459-2004.

AMIC also includes secrets on how to place high in search engines & how to place text backlinks on relative websites. If we build your new music website we can guarantee that you will be number one in the search engines like Google and yahoo plus we will place a hyperlink on our entire network of websites to give you more incoming links which are important for you to rank high for your artist, band or music producer name. Actually the greatest part about our (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts instant download is that it shows you how to instantly deliver your single or album downloads after one of your fans makes a purchase without using a third party website. We will show you how to begin accepting credit card payments Online without paying hundreds of dollars for a merchant account and paying a ton of taxes. If we build your new custom designed music website all we need is your paypal merchant password and we will set you up with an instant download delivery system so you don't need iTunes taking 30% of your sales revenue.

Radio is Changing

Ever since radio has started becoming consolidated, there have been many changes in the Music Industry. Since Clear Channel now iHeart Radio bought almost all the Radio Stations in the United States soon there is going to be one play list for the whole entire nation. If play lists become more centralized this will seriously reduce the amount of local talent being heard on FM Radio, that's why we provide such an extensive College Radio Directory. There will also be a limit to the amount of diversity of music being played on the Radio. Here at Mix Makers, we are trying to change things because we are sick and tired of listening to the same music being regurgitated, what they are feeding us on the radio and TV is garbage. I have owned a Mixing and Mastering company since 2003 called Ryan Clement Mastering and it's my job to listen to independent music and make it sound incredible. I have heard some good indie music play through my Pro-tools HD system and when I hear great music I usually use our updated music contacts to get them some kind of deal, even if I just get one of their songs in a movie or they play in a commercial, it makes me feel good that I'm helping independent Artists. In the last ten years The largest radio conglomerates have already announced that they are going to work directly with Record Labels & Music Managers. Do you know how this will effect the Music Industry? Our Instant Download and CD-Rom will give you all the information you need to know how to succeed in the new music business and our new marketing and distribution company is going to help Independent Artists and Bands utilize the INTERNET and social networking websites to build their fan base!

How to start your own Record Label:

This section is one of the most valuable parts of our instant download and CD-Rom because it explains how you can begin promoting, selling, and distributing your own music to millions of music fans nationwide while sitting at your desk in your living room. Remember my website is number 1 on Google if you search Ryan Clement and it took me less then six months, I'm writing a book about how I get 8,000 page views a week and it will be available free in All Music Industry Contacts, I'm already giving away my book INTERNET Entrepreneur free to all our customers and it teaches Independent Artists and Bands how to create a small Niche Business with very little effort so they will be able to work on their music all day everyday instead of working for some Overzealous, Self-righteous boss that doesn't do anything but micro-manage people and give you grief for being ten minutes late or whatever. It includes extensive information on how to take advantage of INTERNET advertising & word of mouth promotion. You will also learn how to make professional promo Cd's cheap enough so that you can give them away. Make sure that the inside of your front cover has your web address.

The professional packaging will have your website address on it so that fans can buy the whole Album on your website and get to listen to most of your songs on your stellar Mp3 player. Most companies like wimpy charge $39 dollars a month for an Mp3 player on your website but Loretta and I are not going to charge a subscription for an MP3 player, all you have to pay is $199 plus domain name and hosting fees which are cheap. We are going to pay for the coolest MP3 players and program them with your Mastered songs so fans can see that your not only talented but you have high quality sound. There are many great ideas & secrets included in our instant download and CD-Rom that are used by the most successful Independent Music Record Labels in World! all music industry contacts..




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