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We Have The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 11 Separate Directories & Is Over 1,000 + Pages!

We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Professionals who verify our music industry contact information daily and make over 800 verification calls a week, thats over 38,400 calls a year to make sure that you have the most accurate information possible!


Get In Direct Contact With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors and Music Publishers!


The next era of booking agencies are the ones working primarily in the area of musical entertainment. These companies often specialize in certain types of entertainment such as country music or jazz. They may also specialize in certain markets such as clever as fractions dance music for private parties and so far besides the firms that operate on a national basis there are hundreds of Music agents throughout the United States. The manager should select a music agent or music agents capable of securing types of engagements best suited to the development of the artist career. The first step is for the manager and artist to determine in what venue the artist should appear. Once this determination has been made there are hundreds of Music agents representing the entire entertainment Spectrum. Finding the best music agents for an artist may turn into a trial-and-error basis the men’s room must be alert and cautiously watch over the music agents for an artist relationship.  


Your Music Agents fees generally range from 10 to 15% of the fee in the go she ate with the buyer. Normally an agent’s fee for a booking agent at a club is engagement is 10% while the fee for a private party or concert ranges from 10 to 15%. The fees for booking are somewhat negotiable depending on the strength of the music agents and artist Services the artist requires. The American Federation of musicians has exclusive music agents, artist agreement which attempts to govern this relationship between its members and affiliated agent music agents. While they’re cleat covers broad areas of the exclusive music agents relationship there are usually certain specialized terms associated with each situation. As with every other member of the artist development team, the manager and artist should choose music agents or agency firm not simply on the basis of their track record with other clients but also on their dedication to a belief in the artist. Getting lost in the shuffle at a music booking agency can be disastrous especially if the personal appearance figures prominently in an artist career planning once The Wright Agency is in place the artist and manager should cultivate their relationship with their music agents encouraging comments and criticisms and working closely with them to shape a realistic and effective career plans. While it might be fashionable to gripe about music agents the most the way most people do about their lawyers experienced managers know they can be one of the surest links to long-term success in the music business.





How Music Agents Are Paid. Music Agents!

Music Agents and Agencies can help you promote your talent Music Agents! by booking your shows and even planning your tour schedule. Music Agents do not get a percentage of your record sales, royalties or publishing. Your Music Agents or Agencies generally get 10% of your commercial, TV and performance revenue. It should state this in your contract.




Music Agents Must Help Promote Your Live Music.


Music Agents! Make sure your contract states that your music agent or agents will actually be your talent agent or talent Music Agents! Agents and not some assistant that takes care of most of your Music Agents duties. If your Music Agents are not performing you want to be able to fire them as long as you give them prior notice.






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Music Agents; We Compiled The Most Extensive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The World; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Has 12 Separate Directories Including Music Agents & Is Over 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Group Of 4 Music Industry Professionals that verify our music industry contact information daily and make more then 800 verification calls a week, that's over 38,000 calls a year to confirm that you have the most accurate contact information possible! You can use All Music Industry Contacts to send your music to hundreds of Music Agents nationwide.

Music Agents

Music Agents are on the psyches of almost every creating band and solo artist. After all, Music Agents are ready to enable you to get really cool gigs and tours all over the country. Right? All things considered, not exactly. Most Music Agents with clout concentrate just on customers who are already generating substantial live performance salary, drawing large local and international crowds, are getting attention from record labels and publishers. You can always discover persons known " local and Regional Booking Agents" willing to work with you on a month to month basis or pay-to-play framework, these people are not to be mistaken for professional National Music Agents. In the event that you want to get in direct contact with effective Music Agents working with entrenched Booking Agencies then you should order (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts Plus. Music Agents will enable you to book demonstrates and promote your musical talent. On the off chance that you are a performance artist or band it is vital to have a Music Agent or Music Agents. (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts incorporates over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 music record labels, (AMIC) also incorporates an elite rundown of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R's, music producers, music publishers music publicists, music attorneys and radio stations. Music Agents are not to be mistaken for professional music management. By definition, the role of an agent is to procure work for the artist or band they represent, a music managers role is to advise and guide the artist or band and lead their music career in the right direction. Music Managers assist in everything from characterizing your public image to targeting your demographic audience. A music agent then again secures bookings for you in concert, live performance scene settings, as well as in television, films, commercial work, and literary work. Booking live performances and touring are your music agents primary concentration in the music industry.

Formulating your strategy

After your career has advanced to the point of marking with a music booking agency, your music managers and your talent agent meet up to formulate your tour strategy. The issues they will talk about may incorporate.

Whether you should Tour by yourself or open for another artist

What band you should open for

The amount you should charge for tickets

At the point when and where you should tour

However, Ian Copeland (who's Frontier music booking agent represented Sting, the Police, R.E M., Nov Doubt, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers) noted in an interview, that your artist management and music agent can take a seat and talk until the point when they're blue from the face, but a considerable measure of what is examined may never pan out. The reality is that your music agent has to get on the telephone with concert promoters around the country and try things out. Your music agent should first determine whether there is a real interest in you or your band.

Ryan Clement/Founder Of Mix Makers and Man behind (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts puts it: "It resembles an Army General talking about his plans for going into battle with an adversary we can't see yet. You have to survey the terrain and figure out from where they will be shooting at you. When this is determined, you can begin matching your plans with actual reality.

Packaging the artist from a music agents perspective

Another important responsibilities handled by your music agent includes in the Packaging process and matching different bands with similar Styles and demographic appeals for a concert tour. Careful consideration is required here, especially for any artist or band as yet trying to establish their brand name or personality in the music industry marketplace.

While there may appear to be the basic rationale that accompanies packaging, individual bands and agents will have significantly different ideas. A few agents have a very strict conservative approach, while others have a looser game plan. The truth is that nobody really comprehends what will and won't work. For instance, it was the incredibly varied lineup that made Lollapalooza ( a concert Festival conceptualized by Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction) so popular. The 1997 lineup comprised of Snoop Doggy Dogg, Tool, Korn, Prodigy, and Devo-everything from Rap to Alternative to Metal to Techno to New Wave. It brought different audiences together and uncovered fancy music that they may not otherwise have listened heard.

Ryan Clement/Founder had this to add: "The Police, whose music management was basically rock and roll, desire to tour with punk bands because they wanted to be part of that movement. Around that time, which was around 1978, a great many people in America really didn't comprehend what Punk Rock music was. It didn't make a difference! The tour went over great! Although there's a sound judgment motivation that accompanies packaging, in some cases, you simply have to stretch the limits and try new things."

Routing a tour is exactly what it sounds like. Your music agent helps route or map out the direction your tour will take, what unrecorded music scenes you'll be playing, and when you'll be relied upon to perform. This information is then forwarded to you in an itinerary.

At the point when to Hire a Music Agent

In case you're in another band that's playing around town, trying to build a local after and searching for a record deal, you're far from requiring a music agent. At this stage of your career, you'll be better served by grabbing the telephone and doing exactly what you're already doing booking gigs yourself! Regardless of what anyone tries to let you know, the straightforward truth is that until you've built up a nice after and can generate reasonable charges for your live performance, You're just not worth a music agents time.

Regardless, Music Agents of any caliber usually deal just with promoters on a national level anyway. Of course, Music Agents can deal with the very same clubs that you've played in the place where you grew up, but this usually just happens when he or she has an artist passing through on a national tour. Keeping you busy for months on end in a local setting is basically not what a professional music agent does.

The best time to begin searching for a talent agent is the point at which you're getting signed to a record deal and a tour appears to be up and coming. Although then again, noted Ryan Clement/Major Music Marketing Consultant, effective music manager and founder of our company Mix Makers, "a few bands will specifically go out on the road for the very purpose of getting a record deal! Take Riveechi for example, although he already had a deal with Rival Records in Burbank Ca, there were no plans for the label to permit the artists album in the United States. I purposely brought Riveechi here from San Francisco to get Rival Records workplaces in the U.S. energized.

Although Ryan's brother Kyle Clement (Riveechi's music manager ) had to borrow cash for airfare and start-up costs, the artist had to travel with one crew member and rest in a passenger van that hauled all the hardware, it was all worth it at last! Rival Records was blown away by the artists live performance and chose to release and promote Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi in the states. So as you can see, in a few circumstances, the music agents can also get included with an artist before they have a record deal. In the most typical scenario, I have to agree that the music agent gets on at the right time, around the time, an artist or band gets a record deal."

The Role of Music Agents

The most I wrecked wait for an artist to secure clubs private party or concert engagements is through a music agent. In many instances concert festival and Top Line, Club dates are impossible to secure without music agents. Regardless of the kind of date, the music agents serve as a gathering place for artists and purchasers of entertainment. A few agencies represent certain artists only, therefore, requiring other our agents to purchase from them on the off chance that they have an engagement for the artist. Music booking agencies come in all sizes. There are not many that are international multi-dimensional firms, for example, the William Morris International creative management or creative artist's agency these super agencies maintain workplaces in major urban areas throughout the world and have numerous best departments representing entertainer's actors the author's television personality's athletes and other sorts of celebrities.

Music Agents are a great deal like music talent agents in the Film and TV business. Music Agents are hired to aid, set up and arrange live performances for the artist or band that they represent. Music Agents or Music talent agents may also handle additional segments of the entertainment business for an artist or band, for example, Film and TV Projects, Interviews, Commercials and so forth. The majority of the time music agents can assist you and help you get signed by an A&R. You can contact Music agents in the event that you obtain one of the latest most up and coming music industry contacts resources called All Music Industry Contacts. In the majority of cases, your Music Agents might want a restrictive contract with you in a certain region. There are a number of truly imperative things that you more likely than not integrated into your Music Contract with Music Agents or Music Booking Agencies. For instance, say an actor does not want to appear naked in this picture where his role demands him to. Since his Music Agent or Agents landed him the position, the music booking agencies desires to be paid regardless of whether the talent backed out of the role. Music Agents! These sorts of things must be confirmed in your music agents contract from the start of your affiliation. An additional example, say yours in a band that strongly believes in conserving gas and eliminating the amount of brown haze that is in the atmosphere. Say you're Music Management or Agencies discover you this engagement to play music for or take on Cadillac as a supporter. You decrease to do the TV commercial or participate in the show because you believe that Cadillac Escalades add to a great deal of air contamination. On the off chance that this sort of thing isn't in your agreement it will be uncertain whether your music talent agents ought to be paid for getting you this performance. Music Agents here and there act as however, they are your music manager although music management is a totally different job description.

It is tremendously imperative for certain things to be in your contract since you don't have a craving for being required to accomplishing something that you don't desire to do. Try and sign a contract with as short of a term as possible so you can renegotiate frequently, the larger you get the more force you will have in a debate of obligations and financial percentages with your music talent agents or music booking agencies. Music Agents! Our music management and talent agencies are the greatest in the music business; you will be able to download our entire rundown of the best Music Agents immediately below. Superb music agents can be capable of connecting you with the best record label A&R. For instance! Our new Music Contacts Directory is over 600 pages, tap the connection below to order (AMIC Plus) All Music Industry Contacts Plus which contains a not insignificant rundown of music agents! For a constrained time AMIC PLUS accompanies a music agents list, music supervisors rundown and radio stations list which is excluded in our regular All Music Industry Contacts Update, these and many more directories just accompany All Music Industry Contacts PLUS which is on sale for $39.99.

Interface With Music Agents

Music Agents will enable you to book shows to promote your talent. In the event that you are a performance artist or band, it is vital to have a Music Agent or Music Agents. All Music Industry Contacts incorporates over 10,000 A&R's at over 2,000 music labels, (AMIC) also contains a restrictive rundown of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R's, music producers, music publishers and radio stations. You can utilize (AMIC) to get in direct contact with almost any record label in the music industry. There are many music industry contacts working for music agents, record label companies, music management companies, music production companies and music publishing companies that are searching for professional artists to sign, you can send a press kit or a professional send demo package to Music Agents if you're trying to get signed.

Music Agents are also known as Music Agents or talent booking agents, Music agents are responsible for making the unrecorded music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to viably promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with settings and promoters. On the off chance that you are hoping to promote your music in the great old fashion way, these contacts will prove to be useful.

Music agents are also known as music booking agents or talent agents, Music agents are responsible for making the unrecorded music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to viably promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with settings and promoters. In the event that you are hoping to promote your music in the great old fashion way, these contacts will prove to be useful. all music industry contacts!


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