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How Music Booking Agents Are Paid.

Music Booking Agents and Agencies can help you promote your talent by booking your shows and even planning your tour schedule. Music Booking Agents do not get a percentage of your record sales, royalties or publishing. Your Music Agent or Agencies generally get 10% of your commercial, TV and performance revenue. It should state this in your contract.

Music Agent



Music Agent Must Help Promote Your Live Music.

Make sure your contract states that your music agent or agents will actually be your talent agent or talent agents and not some assistant that takes care of most of your Music Agent duties. If your Music Booking Agents are not performing you want to be able to fire them as long as you give them prior notice.

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Music Agent

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The Relationship With A Music Agent

The artist and music agent relationship requires a periodic evaluation. The first measure of whether the relationship should continue centers around the result that the music agency has gotten for the artist. How many show dates? What kind of money are you receiving from the relationship with your music agent? Have new markets been developed, or is the artist just playing the same venue? All of this should be considered and analyzed when looking into having a music agent that will help you with your budding music career. Assuming the relationship between you and your music agent is mutually beneficial, the role of the personalities should be also considered the artist may become affiliated with a certain music agency because of the particular individual. The artist maybe the one affected negatively if that individual leaves the music agency or is transferred into another department. Changing goals and objectives are certainly another consideration when reavaluating the artist and music agent affiliation. If you are a solo artist or band it is vital to have a Music Agent or Music Agents. All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R's at over 2,000 music labels, (AMIC) also contains an exclusive list of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R's, music producers, music publishers and radio stations. Agents are not to be confused with professional managers. By definition, the role of an agent is to put procure employment, or as the Music Managers role is to advise and counsel the artist.

How Can Having More Then One Music Agent Help Your Music Career

As mentioned previously many music agents specializing in specific types of performance or another music agent finds certain geographic regions. Well one music agent may be ideal for an artist and an early career stage, a shift in direction or a level of success may render the music agent incapable of helping you/the artist. For instance let's assume that an artist has been performing his/her songs quite successfully in the club market for a number of years. While interested in recording, he/she has never stressed another aspect of his/her career, since his/her Club dates provide her with a substantial income, he/she doesn't really look anywhere else. The infrequent recordings submitted to the various record labels are impressive, and a major label eventually signs the artist. Within six months, an album and single are released. The response was overwhelming, both the single and album sore up to the top of the music charts. The record label astonished with this newfound success, releases another single, and it too climbs to the top of the music charts. Eagerly, the record label and encourages the artist to set a tour to capitalize on the market acceptance, but his/her music agent that has been so successful in securing the artist her Club engagements isn't capable of arranging the concert dates. As a result the music agent attempts to keep the artists in the club markets. The Music Agent Asks for a partial release so that the artist can retain another music agent for concert tour dates. As a result, the agency reacts negatively. A problem ensues! Such situations are not uncommon in the music industry. The music manager must scrutinize the music agents relationship to make sure that this aspect of the artists relationship with their music agent is good for business and is deriving maximum economic benefit.

What Is The Obligation You Must Uphold With Your Music Agent

A Music Agent will help you book venues to promote your talent. If you are a solo artist or musician in a band it is important to have a music booking agent. Music Agent are much like music talent agents in the TV and Film industry. Music booking agents are hired to help set up and arrange live shows for the talent that they represent. Music talent agents may also handle other parts of the entertainment industry for an artist or musician such as TV and film Projects, Commercials, interviews, etc. Sometimes an music agent can help you out and help you get signed by an A&R. You can contact a Music Agent by obtaining one of the newest most up to date music industry resources called All Music Industry Contacts. Music Agent In most cases your Music Booking Agents will want an exclusive contract with you in a certain territory. There are some really important things that you must have included in your contract with Music Agent or music booking agencies. Music Agent For example, say an actress does not want to appear nude in this scene where her role is demanded to. Since her Agent or agents got her the role the music booking agencies needs to be compensated even though the talent backed out of the role. These types of things need to be stated in your contract from the beginning of your relationship. Music Agent Another example, say your in a band that strongly believes in conserving gas and eliminating the amount of pollution that is in the atmosphere. Music Agent so What if say your Music Booking Agents or agencies get you this gig to play music for or take on Cadillac as a sponsor. You refuse to do the commercial or play the concert because you feel that Cadillac Escalades contribute to a lot of air pollution. If this sort of thing is not in your contract it will be questionable whether you’re music talent agents should be compensated for getting you this gig. Music Agent

It is extremely important for these things to be in your contract because you don’t want to be forced into doing anything that you don’t want to do. Music Agent try and sign a contract with a short term so that you can renegotiate often, the bigger you get the more pull you will have arguing obligations and percentages with your music talent agents or music booking agencies. Our Music Agent and talent agencies are the best in the music industry, you can download our complete list of the top music booking agents instantly below. Good Music Agent can also hook you up with a good A&R for examples A-C of our new A&R Music Contacts Directory click the link below its 188 pages. For a limited time it comes with All Music Industry Contacts Update which already includes an extensive A&R and Record Label Contacts Directory. Music Agent!


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Music agents are also known as music booking agents or talent agents, Music agents are responsible for making the live music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to effectively promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with venues and promoters. If you are looking to promote your music the good old fashion way, these contacts will definitely come in handy. music industry contacts!


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