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Music Contacts - Send your music to the most successful music contacts in the music industry; including A&Rs, Music managers, Record labels and artist management companies currently accepting unsolicited material and demo submissions. All Music Industry Contacts contains over 665 pages of music contacts.


Audio Cd Mastering Hiqh quality analog audio cd mastering for an affordable price, audio mastering, cd mastering, music mastering.

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TAXI: the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

FFD Music - Your online resource for Music!  


Music Business: Producer: Your resource for digital media information, articles, news, tips and more.

Recording Connection: an established music industry school where students train for careers as professional recording engineers.


Record Labels & Companies Guide: info on the majors, independents, and everything in between.


Artistopia - The Ultimate Music and Artist Resource
Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy for independent music artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one language - potential success!

A&R Contacts - Be heard by Amercias top A&R Contacts, Including music contacts, record labels, music management, music managers, producers and publishers.

 Singer/Songwriter Directory


Record Deals A&R Contacts Music Marketing And Promotion
Get connected in the music industry with A&R Online

Ryan Clement - Hip Hop Artist and Music Producer, West Coast, Independent, Underground and Radio Songs. Co-Founder of Mix Makers LLC.

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All Music Industry Contacts (Standard) Instant Download - includes over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 music record labels, (AMIC) also contains an exclusive list of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R reps, independent record labels, music marketing companies, music producers, music publishers, music attorneys and radio stations, including their complete contact information plus updated email addresses and credits. (AMIC Update) is Over 600 Pages!

Compatible with any computer system PC, Macintosh, Any Cell Phone, Tablet, Notebook, Android, iPhone, Kindle! (AMIC) is All .PDF Files!

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All Music Industry Contacts (AMIC Plus) includes over 10,000 A&R's who work at at over 2,000 record labels, (AMIC) or All Music Industry Contacts also contains an exclusive list of record label A&R reps, music producers, music agents, music supervisors, music managers, music publishers and radio stations. (AMIC Plus) Over 1,000 Pages! CLICK All Music Industry Contacts To Learn More About (AMIC Standard) All Music Insdustry Contacts "Standard" and (AMIC Plus) All Music Insdustry Contacts "Plus"



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