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Do not skip Cd Mastering, it is the most important step in CD production. CD Mastering is the last step before you send your CD to a Record Label or CD Duplication Company. The CD Mastering process includes Analog Tube EQ, Dynamics processing and our Manley Slam Limiter/COmpressor. All Songs should have consistent levels from track to track. When your CD Mastering project is complete we run your songs through our five point system, this allows us to make sure that your CD sounds excellent on any system including home surround sound stereo, 3 high-end studio monitors, computer speakers, Bose car stereo system, regular CD player and sony headphones. The outcome of your CD Mastering project will be a perfect “Red Book CD Master” ready for CD Duplication or Replication.


We have a TWO MINUTE FREE SONG SAMPLE POLICY! Send us a wav. song using our New Audio Mastering FILE UPLOAD SYSTEM below, we will Master 2 minutes of one of your songs for free so you can hear the difference. No catch, no obligation. Make sure that you mix down to a stereo wav. file. Level Should be from -3 to -6. You may need to bring your master fader down between -3 to -6 to get the desired level before you mix down. If the overall song level is too hot, Limited or Compressed we will have no room for Audio Mastering.

Due to an overwhelming amount of FREE SONG submissions, we currently can only master 2 minutes of one of your songs for a FREE sample. We still want you to hear the difference our Audio CD Mastering Company makes before you make a commitment. Too many people took advantage of our FREE song policy and only had one song mastered at a time sent from different email addresses. Send us a song using our FILE UPLOAD SYSTEM, Our file uploading system has a Text Field/Box that asks for a Description of your Audio Mastering Project, remember to type in Free Song. Our turn around time for a FREE 2 minute sample has been reduced from 7-14 business days to 1-5 business day

What You Will Need If you want to have you music mastered online, click Online Mastering or Prepare and Upload Song Files in our website menu and follow the instructions exactly. If you choose to master by mail, make sure that you include a piece of paper that includes the name of each song on the CD and also the order you would like the final CD mastering project to be in. Let us know what you are looking for as far as Mastering EQ. Compare your mixes with professional releases; if you feel that a song needs more bass or you want the vocals to stand out more, include it in your CD Mastering package. We can also make the drums punchier or bring out percussion. You can also let us use our professional opinion (we hit the mark every time). All you need to do is send us your songs as DATA on a CD-ROM preferably 24 or 16 bit 44.1kHz to 192kHz in .Wav or .Aif format; we don't accept AIFF format because it tends to have problems with our mastering system although we do accept AIF files. If you have access to a computer please upload your song as a .wav, aif or even mp3 file if you want a free 2 minute sample of your song matered by Ryan Clement, click prepare and upload in the top right oof this website or in the menu on the left of this website. You can also just simply send us your Audio CD and we will convert your songs into the proper format for you before we run them through our High-End CD Mastering gear. It is important that you do not have your mix pegged to 0db. Keep the level down to -3 to -6 db so that you don’t run the risk of audio distortion and we have enough headroom for our amazing EQ. Do not use a limiter or compression on your master mix; we need headroom to work with. If you did not mix the recordings yourself, send them the way that they are on a normal Audio CD and we will master them to perfection.

CD Mastering – Summary
- Adjust the overall level of your songs while keeping the dynamics.
- Remove noise (if there is any)
- EQ and compression
- Stereo Imaging
- Editing Fad In/Out
- Correct spacing between tracks
- ISRC codes
- Proper arrangement of songs
- write your master to "Red Book" specifications.

Payment Options.

Paypal/ Credit or Debit Card

Mastering Prices

If you decide to ship your DATA or Audio CD we accept United States Postal Service Money Orders which are obtainable at any United States Post Office.

Call For Mailing Address!

Phone: 818 459 2004

Remember to make money orders payable to Ryan Clement, Founder of our CD Mastering Company.

Please include your contact information including your name, address, phone number and email address incase we need to contact you.

We don't use Plugins like our Competitors! We do top level mastering for the lowest price in the industry. We charge $25 per song if you are an independent artist or record label; this includes a free Red Book Master CD. Most Audio CD Mastering facilities with similar equipment and experience charge around $100 dollars a song. We only charge $50 to a $100 a song when we master for Major Record Labels because they have a CD Mastering Budget.

Upload Song FIle Or Zip Folder


Make sure that you leave a little bit of head room (3 to 6 dB) so that we have room for Analog EQ and Mastering Compression. The loudest point in your Song (or the peak) should be between -3 to -6db with no limiter or compression on overall Song/Mix, Compression is ok if you use it correctly on a separated track in the mix but not on the Song/Main Mix as a whole.
The biggest mistake people make is sending us Audio Files/Songs that are too hot, clipping, limited or compressed. Learn more about audio clipping. (audio)

At Ryan Clement Mastering we want you to hear the difference Mastering makes before we finish the transaction. We are all about the final product. We will also work with you to make sure that your mixes are perfect for CD Mastering before we start your project. Please email or text us after you send the files so that we can download them.

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