CD Mastering By Mail

Preparing your CD for Audio Mastering by Mail! All you need to do is send us your stereo mixed down songs burned as DATA on a CD-ROM preferably 24bit 192,000 kHz in .wav format. If you only have the songs on a playable audio CD/CDs you can simply send us your Audio CD/Cds if you have your songs on separate Cds and we will convert the Audio files to .wav files before we run it through our our State of the Art CD Mastering gear. It is important that you do not have your mixes pegged to 0db. Keep the level down between -3 to -6 db so that you don’t run the risk of audio distortion. If you need cross fades or fade ins/fade outs we will do it free of charge. We have the fastest turn around time in the business. We will ship your CD Mastering project back to you within 48 hours of when we receive it. Please allow 2 business days for shipping. Please include a United States Postal Money order payable to Ryan Clement with the exact amount shown in our CD Mastering Price List. Also include the Title of your project and the song list in the correct order. we can include CD text so that the name of your songs will show up on the screen in most audio players. If you are sending a playable audio CD please make sure songs are in the correct order.

Ryan Clement

Mastering Prices

If you decide to ship your DATA or Audio CD we accept United States Postal Service Money Orders which are obtainable at any United States Post Office.

Call For Mailing Address!

Phone: 818 459 2004

Remember to make money orders payable to Ryan Clement, Founder of our CD Mastering Company.

Please include your contact information including your name, address, phone number and email address incase we need to contact you.

Upload Song FIle Or Zip Folder

Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.


Make sure that you leave a little bit of head room (3 to 6 dB) so that we have room for Analog EQ and Mastering Compression. The loudest point in your Song (or the peak) should be between -3 to -6db with no limiter or compression on overall Song/Mix, Compression is ok if you use it correctly on a separated track in the mix but not on the Song/Main Mix as a whole. The biggest mistake people make is sending us Audio Files/Songs that are too hot, clipping, limited or compressed. Learn more about audio clipping. (audio)

At Ryan Clement Mastering, if you don't get a hold of our customer service in the first few attempts. Please text us and leave a message which includes your phone number & email address so we know who you are (we get around 35 phone calls a day, you will probably get a quicker response if you text or email us)

TEXT: 818 459 2004 Email: