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Included With: “The Music Marketing Engine” we give you access to Email Marketing Service/Software for FREE so that you can give a couple songs away in order to receive a potential fans email address. It takes up to five points of contact to convert 5-10 percent of your targeted market in to a sales conversion, comes with Music Mastering.




















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Music Marketing Resources:

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All Music Industry Contacts Plus:

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Music Management 101:

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The Music Marketing Engine:

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All Music Industry Contacts (Plus)

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Ryan Clement spent the last five years working with other music industry entrepreneurs. It’s a fact that if I contact the right person up to five times, you will make a conversion/sale. You will get a lot of regular fans but only your super fans will pull out their credit card and buy your EP or LP Album, the difference is that an EP is only 5-8 songs. Listen to Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi's 30 song album. I get at least 5 sales out of every 100 visitors for $34.95 because I sell a 30 song “Triple Album” called “True To This” and I also sell my Super Fans a signed T-Shirt. I use a marker that’s kinda like silver paint. You can listen and purchase my music at: Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi: Triple Album:.

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We will either enable you to build a colossal fan base or will get you signed. Each one of our 3 music marketing products/books is extremely broad and is at least 1,000 pages of creative and supportive music industry related substance with live targeted connections to FREE products and services that you should get ahead and make a living making music. "The Music Marketing Engine and Music Management 101 will teach you self management at the beginning of your music career so later on you can attract Top Music Managers or Major Record Label A&R by using our proven and tried strategies, about how to make your music turn into a web sensation." and how to track and target music marketing analytics data says, Ryan Clement Founder/CEO of our company Mix Makers. "We created All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) for talented Artists, Bands and Music Producers. There are just a couple of ways to get in or sustain your situation in the music business! The most realistic way is to constantly contact effective Record Label A&R, Music Manager, and Music Producers. It's all about being professional! We created All Music Industry Contacts for that purpose! We are making available what takes us hundreds of hours to create and update for just $32.95.

You will possibly understand how powerful All Music Industry Contacts is on the off chance that you put it to utilize. We created this package with the goal that everyone can afford it. That's a wrap! Good karma in everything that you do! We hope you accomplish all of your goals and remember this business is more about persistence than it is about talent!

"Get a Custom Designed Artist, Band or Music Producer Website for Only $20 Per Month after You Order One of Our Music Marketing Products and Become a Customer, Music Websites Come with Music Mastering for Up to a 5 song EP."Send Us a Text Message After You Order Either All Music Industry Contacts Plus, Music Management 101 or The Music Marketing Engine (818) 459 2004 Text Messages Only Please.

Presently you have written a great song, made an awesome demo so now you will be rich and famous, right. All things considered, it is possible but I exceedingly doubt it. There isn't a doubt that being an amazing singer/songwriter, rapper, music producer, or musician that has a perfectly blended and mastered version of all your songs is a great strategy in and of it. However, in the event that you are engaged in having your music see the light of day by music industry contacts, your career is really simply starting.

While businesses like Mix Makers who publishes All Music Industry Contacts (Plus) complete an awesome job of helping you get your songs out and into the world, it is still totally dependent upon you to be sure your music gets into the right hands. Until the music industry contacts who can essentially accomplish something with your tunes including music industry contacts like record label A&R, music producers, music managers, and music publishers) have tuned in to it, it should not exist. I understand that these sounds apparent although I believe you would be staggered at the amount of singer/songwriters rappers, music producers and musicians out there that has an impressive demo that very barely any, music industry contacts individuals have ever heard. Creating the songs is a certain something but getting your songs out there into the world requires an interesting arrangement of abilities. The talents you ought to be concentrating on our professionalism, networking, persistence; I will say again persistence, courtesy, and patience.


Like any industry, it isn't just what you realize it is also who you realize which can get you ahead in music. What this means in the music industry is getting yourself out there to music industry occasions, open micas, writer's evenings and any form of promotion you can discover. For those of you that live in urban areas where music industry contacts are more liable to resemble New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles, there is a pretty much an interminable stream of opportunities to meet fruitful music contacts. For everybody else, you may have to gaze somewhat harder or take a trip from time to time to one of the urban communities I simply called attention to. I think this sort of thing isn't that much fun reliably however when you are first starting out it is necessary. How about we put it thusly: All things being equivalent, on the off chance that you've ever met music industry contacts from a record company or music publishing company in a social situation and assuming you had a pleasant exchange, there's a lot larger possibility that they'll consider you when you call as well as will make more of an attempt to enable you to out on the off chance that they can. The fact of the matter is that the more you get in contact with music industry contacts that work in the music industry, the more contacts you will encounter and the better the chance it will pay back not far off. I also propose remembering a couple of key social aptitudes while you are at it. Don't instantaneously launch into your 10-minute, verbally expressed word biography. It is a greatly improved idea to discover a bit of something about the music contact you are chatting with by remembering to ask them a couple of inquiries as well.

Music Professionals:

Did I forget notice we are talking about the music industry? This means it is to your greatest advantage to be proficient about how you go ahead with music industry contacts in the business. When approaching somebody in the music business, email or call first. Make the first contact brief and to the point. In other words, let them understand why you are calling/emailing (e.g., to plan a gathering, to check whether they are accepting music at this time, to ask whether you can submit a connection to your website or an mp3, and so forth.). This isn't an ideal opportunity to have a long conversation. On the off chance that somebody has referred you that they know (see "networking" above), bring this up as well. In addition, while it is cool to be thrilled and even certain about your material, it hardly ever pays to tell somebody that you have a "killer" song or you are a "bonehead" singer/songwriter. Give your tune a chance to speak for itself. When you have gotten authorization to do as such, at that point submit your website interface or bring it to the gathering. It truly doe's not making sense to convey CDs or mp3's without first getting approval from music industry contacts, as they usually end up at the bottom of the trash or, far superior, the person who has not asked for it considers it and disturbance. Try not to execute the messenger here; I am trying to say that the chances are that on the off chance that somebody isn't anticipating your material, there is a decent chance it won't be heard.

By the way, on the off chance that you have never observed the workplace of an a&r rep or music publisher, I am here to reveal to you that it is wall-to-wall CDs. We're talking hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of them. Make sure that your CD is clearly labeled with a couple of straightforward components: your name and contact information (telephone and email), the name of the song or songs and possibly — if it's a song for an artist — the name of the person you're pitching it to. Also, make certain that every part of the package is labeled. This means putting your information on the CD and on the CD sleeve or gem case. Make sure that if the CD itself gets separated from the case, the information is the CD, as well. Also, in case you're utilizing a gem case, make sure there's information on the spine. Remember the part where I said there are thousands of CDs in these people's workplaces? At the point when your CD winds up on a rack with all the others, the spine of the CD will be the main way for them to recognize it. Finally, I can think about no rhyme or reason why any submission ought to be more than three songs. In case you're pitching a song to an artist, they're not hoping for a "bonus track." If you're pitching to a publisher, three songs is a decent way to demonstrate them you have more than one great song without overdoing it. On the off chance that they want more, believe me, they'll ask. Everything comes down to placing yourself in the situation of the industry person. On the off chance that they have a work area brimming with CDs to tune in to and have to pick between a CD with two songs on it or one with 19 songs, which one do you think they'll pick?


Suppose you're sufficiently fortunate to reach somebody by either telephone or email and they've agreed to give you a chance to mail in a CD or email them an mp3. Here's what you ought to anticipate: Nothing. In other words, it's extremely rare that you'll hear anything back rapidly after you submit it. As a matter of fact, you should put in your calendar to catch up half a month after you've submitted something. This follow-up ought to be much shorter than your initial contact. Email is probably best for this. A basic email saying you wanted to make sure they'd received your submission is sufficient. Also, don't be surprised if the response you get back (in case you're sufficiently fortunate to get one) says they haven't gotten it and would you mind resending it. Resending material is something that you ought to hope to do. Following up every a little while (except if you're asked not to) is perfectly acceptable in case you're well mannered and to the point. I'm not a skeptic and I don't believe that anyone has an agenda to ignore submitted material. I'm a realist and the sheer number of submissions makes it almost impossible for anyone to stay in control. Anything you can do to help remind somebody is to your greatest advantage and generally appreciated.


I believe it's important to realize that nobody in the industry owes you anything. This may sound harsh but it's an important point. You may very well have great songs and it would be to the greatest advantage of the industry professional you're pursuing to hear them out, but there are a ton of great songs out there and just a set number of opportunities for them. On the off chance that your song isn't tuned in to right away or regardless of whether it's lost or ignored, don't take it personally. I'm a songwriter myself so I know exactly how important your songs are to you. It is difficult to submit them for judgment and tougher still to wait around hoping somebody will actually tune in. However, you'll just do yourself a disservice by being rude or impatient with somebody and heaven help you on the off chance that you get a reputation in the industry for being troublesome or unpleasant.


Given that there are so many artists, songwriters, and songs out there competing for a set number of spots, everything comes down to patience — patience with yourself as you improve your musical abilities and patience with the industry individuals you're requesting as they make their way through all of the material in line ahead of you. My recommendation is to have as many irons in the fire as you possibly can at all occasions with the goal that you are not waiting for any one thing to happen or not to happen, as is so frequently the case. The more individuals you get to know, the more opportunities you explore and the more submissions you make, the more uncertain you are to get discouraged and the more likely you are to start having achievement.

I'm not just the Founder of Mix Makers LLC. Ryan Clement Management and Ryan Clement Mastering While working directly with the CEOs of Side One Dummy Records Bill Armstrong and Joe Sib. together over the past 15 years, we have done amazing things utilizing web-based marketing to sell a ton of music autonomously, for the most part at Anyway, a great venture for me which also causes me to offer back to my customers and free artists such as myself in general. I get fortunate now and then, on other occasions I have to work really hard to make a difference. I'm also an artist and music producer myself and a music manager searching for the right Artists, Bands and Music Producers to manage besides myself, when you manage yourself it's actually called self-management and I've completed a great deal of that in the past 18 years. Look at my personal website that I designed myself, you can tune in to 8 of my songs for free.

On the off chance that you are an artist, band or music producer you will be able to shop your music to A&R Reps, Music Producers, Music Managers, Music Management, Artist Management, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Music Publicists, Music Agents, Music Attorneys, Radio Stations and Independent Record Labels that need assistance finishing a song, video or music project. We created All Music Industry Contacts for talented Artists, Bands, Music Managers, Record Labels, Music Producers, Singers, Rappers, Musicians, Etc...

"The Music Industry Plan"

The Music Marketing Engine will teach you how to advertise your music to targeted fans around the world so you can gather data analytics about your potential fan base so as to target your market and track your fans that actually buy your music and convert into sales which are called a conversion. Music Marketing Analytics data will allow you to concentrate all of your efforts in the right place and without tracking data its like flying blind or without radar. You can use Google Analytics with the goal that you can examine your music marketing analytics data and learn exactly who converts into a sale and the amount it costs for conversion. The Music Marketing Engine will go over all of these New Music Marketing ideas which are way ahead of their time. Ryan Clement is one of the first music marketing consultants to consider Entertainment Science Data on an enormous scale. "The Music Industry Plan" located inside "The Music Marketing Engine" Instant Download will teach you exactly how Music Marketing Analytics works and this learning is 3-5 years ahead of now is the right time. Very important for you to know in "The Music Industry" presently and ten years down the line.





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