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The majority of A&R Reps that are listed in (AMIC) do accept unsolicited material and most of them ask to be listed in the updated version of All Music Industry Contacts on a regular basis. With the success of any record label the total of artists send demo grows drastically, A&R Reps ask to be listed in All Music Industry Contacts because the quality of demo submissions is much higher then if A&R Reps promote themselves in any other way. Make sure that you send a demo that is mastered by a professional mastering engineer so that the sound quality can compete with a major music release, this will help your music stand out from the crowd. It is also important to make sure that your demo consists of at least 3-4 solid songs with your best song is first. All Music Industry Contacts always includes numerous ways to contact your intended A&R, including their email address, mailing address and phone number. Whether you are going to send an email to your intended A&R Rep or send them a demo package through snail mail, you should wait about 1-2 weeks and then call the A&R on their direct phone line. (AMIC) doesn't just list the busy phone number to the A&R Dept. it also lists the direct phone number or extension so that you can talk to your intended A&R directly, sometimes you will get their assistant on the phone whose name is also listed in the All Music Industry Contacts a&R Directory.

The A&R assistant may act as the gate keeper that filters out the good music from the bad so be polite & considerate to them as well. Present your demo music in a way that makes it worth while for an A&R Reps to check it out and give your music a good listen. You can easily extract all the A&R email addresses that work in your genre of music from our All Music Industry Contacts Directory and send a mass email that includes a link directly to your custom made music website, if you need a custom made music website we will build you one for only $99, your website will include a state of the art flash Mp3 player programmed to play your greatest songs, a link to your and profiles and we will also pay to have 1-5 of your songs mastered by a professional so that your music sounds great on your new website all for only $199. If you’re interested in getting your own custom made music website built by our company call Mix Makers at (818) 459 2004

 It’s the equivalent of walking out to your mailbox each day, and finding an ever-growing amount of letters sloppily addressed to you but having absolutely nothing to do with your life! You’d probably start strong, carefully attending to every letter- but after a while you’d probably just stop reading (unless something was presented in a way that seemed worth your time).
Let’s start with what you aren’t supposed to do. (And yes all of these things happen on a regular basis)!





Examples of our 1,000 page All Music Industry Contacts Directory

Artist And Repertoire
        A term you will hear a great deal is A&R. This stands for artists and repertoire and is a fancy term for talent scout for the record labels. The person is the one who finds bands and gets them signed to the record label. These are there are people who work in this department for the label, and it will be hard for you to get these people to listen to your material although it not impossible on your own you may need to submit your music through a music manager or duties you might need to send that the targeted A&R a link to your website if you don't have a website you should get one. This is where a music manager or music attorney who is shopping a CD is a big asset. If you want to get in direct contact with a successful A&R working with well established producer agencies. A&R Reps can help you work with your record label and help you sell your music. If you are a solo artist or band it is vital to work with your A&R Rep through getting your record deal and the whole process you will go through. A major label A&R or Record Label A&R working on your music project can be better then a independent one. All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R's at over 2,000 music labels, (AMIC) also contains an exclusive list of music agents, music supervisors, music managers, record label A&R's, music producers, music publishers and radio stations.

        The labels also have independent A&R reps who worked the local scenes for them. Anytime you are approached by someone claiming to be an A&R rep, always check them out. There are plenty of people hanging around your local music scene who will lie about this. When you are approached, always get a business card from them. If it's not a label you have heard of, you will need to ask around. The business card should have not just the reps a direct number, but also the main number for the record label on it. Call the main number and be sure that the label has actually heard of this person. Also, ask yourself if the day sound knowledgeable about the business and the record label that they work for. Another important clue can be the email address. If it it's an email address that matches the company name or is it some generic, major site like Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail? If it is the latter, you need to check further to be sure that the rep really is affiliated with a record label.

        Do not waste your time and money winning wining and dining someone who claims to be a rep without first checking in to it, even if you do not do anything that night but called the phone number numbers from the card to see how the phones are answered. Even some real independent scouts are way down on the totem pole and may just be looking for a free drink, so do not invest a lot of time or money the first night you meet them on the music scene. If you have a music manager, tell the rep you will give his or her information to your manager. Also, it should go without saying that you never agreed to any kind of deal without a rat. Record labels do not sign bands to great record contract on the spot. If you do get an opportunity to get your material before a real A&R rep through email or otherwise, make sure your music is radio friendly and mastered so you have a professional press kit. This will be the only chance you have to make a good impression with the people at the label who have not seen your shows.

What Is A Record Label A&R?

In order to get your music heard, you have to send demo that will stand out in a pro manner. Record label A&R Reps listens to a lot of demos and in the beginning it is probably the most exhilarating part of the job. Just think for a moment, A&R Reps are bombarded with new music without having to look very far, and all the independent artists that send in a demo are putting their fate in the A&R Reps hands! After a while, receiving all kinds of demo material goes from being exciting then turns into a huge chore for veteran record label A&R people, after being in the music industry for many years receiving demo music becomes the most bothersome thing an A&R has to deal with. If you want to contact A&R Reps at all the most successful record labels we will show you how to Get Connected With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including A&R, Record Label A&R, Music Producers, Music Managers, Music Publishers, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, Music Agents, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors! All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 A&R Reps at over 2,000 record labels and hundreds of the A&R Reps listed are still somewhat new or were just recently hired by the label, in this case the A&R Reps included in All Music Industry Contacts are still excited about their job as an A&R so they tend to listen to all the demo music they can get their hands on.

If you ask Record Company A&R reps, they will inform you that they are constantly totally swamped with new material. Record Company A&R often hardly get the time to listen to the various demo tapes given to them by associates, agents, managers, friends, attorneys and additional trustworthy sources. There are only a small number of people acting as the gatekeepers and hundreds of thousands of would-be artists, bands and singers aspiring to get record deals, you can only envision how tricky it can be to burst into the music industry. The best method to figure out what sort of musical talent Record Label A&R reps are looking for and how they find artists and bands is a difference of opinions from a number of the top record label executives. For example, Tom Devine of Columbia Records has been in the music industry long enough to have a lot of acquaintances that work in the music business and can refer excellent artists and bands. Devine initially looks at the demos handed to him by his most trustworthy music industry sources and then works his way downward from there. Other Record Label A&R reps, like Max Gousse of Epic Records, observe the music business as a whole to see if there is emptiness in the music industry market. Gousse may look for a certain type of artist or band that he feels is doing a special kind of music then what is previously out there or in record stores.

The A&R position is most likely one of the hardest jobs in the music industry. A&R stands for Artists & Repertoire. The main function of an A&R is to assist their artists artistically while helping the record label economically by signing hit acts and developing them. They are frequently music industry contacts that are hired to manage the entire recording process which includes finding the correct songs for their artist or band and working with the correct music producers, help finding the right recording studio, etc. What is a record label A&R? A major record label A&R must stay on top of present music business trends in order to produce acts that will flourish for the record label that employs them. Even if a record label A&R really likes a band they still may not be able to sign them. Usually it is the head A&R that makes the final decisions! What does an a&r do? Why is being an A&R extremely stressful? The reason why being an A&R can be extremely stressful is because with each act that you sign your status is on the line. Given that, there is a high rate of disappointment in the music business, record label A&R reps try to sign artists or bands that are already rather recognized. If a record label A&R does not show to the record label that he/she can generate hit acts, they will be let go from the Record Label. What is a record label A&R? It's an individual who works for the record company and also works with you to develop and distribute your album. A superior music manager can also hook you up with a first-class A&R Contact. Our new All Music Industry Contacts Directory is over 1,000 pages. For a limited time (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts comes with the worlds most extensive A&R Directory which includes over 10,000 A&R at over 2,000 Record Labels. For a limited time (AMIC) comes with the worlds most extensive A&R Directory which includes over 10,000 A&R at over 2,000 Record Labels. If you want to get in direct contact with A&R Reps at all the top record labels we will show you how to Get Connected With Thousands Of Music Industry Contacts; Including Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Producers, A&R, Record Label A&R, Music Publicists, Music Attorneys, Independent Record Labels, College and Independent Radio Stations, Music Distributors, TV and Film Music Supervisors and Music Publishers!


How Does Your A&R Help You?

Most A&R Record Company people were music producers, promoters or artists themselves. Basically they are hired to present a trustworthy face to artists and musicians. Usually record label A&R people are in there thirties because they are old enough to know what they are doing & young enough to know what the new trend is. When you get signed you better believe that it is just the beginning, there are still a lot of things that could go wrong. Someone at the A&R Record Company may drop the ball or your A&R Record person may have to deal with flaky or unhappy music producers that aren't really into the project and are too busy to put their heart in it. You’re A&R Record Company has to work with all the different departments at the record label to make sure that everybody at the label is ready for the album release date. Your A&R Record person must also fight for you to get the attention of the record labels publicity, sales and promotion departments. What is a record label A&R? It definitely takes a lot of work for an A&R Record Label to get a recording artist from signing to being added to radio play lists and having a video on MTV. The recording process for a record label A&R is very intense because they must make sure that there are enough radio friendly songs on the release. If the A&R feels like there are not enough quality songs he/she will have the artist write and record more. As an Artist or band you have to do your part and know how to work with your record Label A&R? An A&R Record Company is like a record label, they offer marketing and promotion packages for artists and bands.

How can you contact a record label A&R?

There are a lot of record label A&R people that accept unsolicited material. The ones that accept unsolicited material may ask you to put a certain code on your package so that they know you have permission to submit. Whenever I find time I usually sort through everything because you never know what you are going to hear. Most A&R Record Company reps know exactly what they are looking for in an artist & if they see it in you they will more than likely sign you without any hesitation. If you get your act together & promote yourself aggressively, there is a chance that a A&R Record Company will come to you. Green day is one band that didn’t really have to look for a record deal. All they did was become a local hit & sell a good amount of Cd's on their own, next thing that you know a majority of the major record labels wanted to sign them. It is always a great idea to do as much as you can on your own.

                                                           How do A&R people look for talent?

These days an A&R Record Company spend less time developing acts, it’s almost like they are looking for artists that are already polished and ready to go. Your demo package should include 3 of your greatest songs, with the best one first because most A&R Record Label people will not keep listening unless the first song gets their attention. At times I get a full complete CD from artists that did not include a note telling me which song or songs I should check out, how am I supposed to Know I'm just an A&R Executive. I didn't have time to listen to the whole CD and didn't feel like searching around for a great song. In the package you must also include a quality 8x10 photo, a biography that tells the A&R Record Company a story about the artist and how much local or regional success he / she has. What Does An A&R Do? Make sure that you leave your contact information home address, email address, home phone cell phone and most Importantly your Artist or Band Website so they can easily check out your music, pictures, CD Cover and Biography. Ryan Clement the Founder of our Company is going to pay for all of our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus to get a free Artist, Band or Music Producer Website Design.

  How do A&R people look for talent?

If an A&R Record Label is interested they may ask for more songs, when your next show is, etc. Since successful music managers, music producers and music publishers act as filters for the A&R Record Company people you may want to get them to shop your demo for you. Your demo may have a better chance of someone listening to it if the person who sends it is well known or has a track record in the music industry. You can use music industry resource like All Music Industry Contacts to find a successful, music manager, producer or publisher to shop your music. This music business is all about being professional and persistent so work hard at getting your music to the people who can make things happen. A&R Record Company people hate when representatives call them or leave messages that are full of hype like I have the best new artist, you better sign us quick or we’ll be with universal records or my artists are hotter than the ones out. The only thing this does is make me never want to meet you.

A&R Record Label

The INTERNET is becoming a great way for record Labels A&R people to find new talent because artists are becoming savvy enough to get sites up with MP3 samples of their music. Technology is making the job of finding new talent easier and easier. As I have said before I like it when a successful music manager or producer recommends an act because I trust their judgment but I would never rely on this alone. An A&R offers a lot of services in addition to music marketing and promotion like distribution packages. There are a lot of magazines out there that offer demo reviews for artists; my favorite would have to be music connection magazine. I like to associate with people who program college radio stations because they usually know exactly what is new and hot. Just like it's a stockbrokers job to research potentially profitable stock, it’s an A&R Record person’s job to research potentially profitable artists. I tend to like artists that are already selling albums locally and are having those records counted by sound scan. The first and most important thing that an A&R Record Label is looking for is a hit song. The second thing record label A&R Record people are looking for is a star quality front person that looks good, has style and charisma. The third thing an A&R Record Label are looking for is an artist or band that has a great powerful stage presence and performance. One of the main reasons why Brittany Spears sells so many records is because she is sexy and shows off her body. Lets face it sex sells and will sell until the end of humanity. Did you see the makeover they had to do on Clay Aiken before he could be seen as a star quality-recording artist? A&R! They changed everything but that boy's dental records.

An A&R is an individual hired by a record company to find and eventually sign brilliant acts. All Music Industry Contacts includes over 10,000 Reps at over 2,000 record companies, (AMIC) also includes hundreds of music producers, music agents, music supervisors, music managers, music publishers and radio stations. It is important for you to send your music to as many A&R People as you can, in the package; you ought to also include a high quality 8x10 photo, a bio that tells the A&R a story about the artist or band and how much local or regional success he/she has. Make sure that you leave your complete contact information including email address, cell phone, home address, home phone, etc. Make sure that your demo CD is neatly and clearly labeled. We only list highly regarded record label A&R contacts that can advance your music career; Use our extensive list of record label A&R contacts to get connected to the right people. For a limited time we are going to include our 324 page A&R Music Directory when you purchase All Music Industry Contacts, (AMIC) contains the direct phone numbers/ext., direct mailing addresses and email addresses to over 10,387 Record Label A&R Contacts and 10,804 A&R Reps.

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