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A&R Interview Vanguard Records; We Have The Most Exclusive & Up To Date Music Industry Contacts Directories In The United States; All Music Industry Contacts Plus Includes 12 Separate Directories & Is Over Well 1,000 + Pages! We Have A Team Of 4 Music Industry Pros. who verify our music industry contact info. daily and make over 800 verification calls a week, that's over 38,400 calls a year to confirm that you have the most accurate information available! A lot of A&R executives use All Music Industry Contacts to contact each other. A&R Interview Vanguard Records!

A&R Interview -

Jodan Brower for Vangaurd Records

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As an A&R What do you do at the Record Label?

I’m the Director of marketing and A&R development at Vanguard Records. From the creative stand point the whole process of A&R consultation, it’s really all about the song being the most important thing. If there is a resource out there for developing artists than for artists to make sure that there material is as strong as it could possibly be. I think that is the first step to success at any level. Providing a platform for an artist to have that direct consumer to artist relationship with a digital door front. I think that by having that direct interaction with the consumer is an invaluable service.

_Mix Makers_
What are Your thoughts on the state of the music industry today?

I think the music industry is changing. I think a lot of the power the record labels had are being handed back over in a lot of different respects to the artists. As an
Record Label A&R I think that the additional outlets (, grassroots marketing or digital downloads) were great avenues of exposure that weren’t there traditionally. The record industry is changing due to the avenues of exposure.

_Mix Makers_
Any advice to artists from an a&r perspective?

My advice would be twofold. The first thing, from a creative stand point would be, as I mentioned earlier, that the songs are the most important thing. If you are a songwriter or a band that writes collaboratively, you need to have strong material. Make sure you have great songs that resonate from a melodic and musical perspective. I feel that that’s the key. The second side to that would be the complete opposite, which would be the business side. Developing a business savvy and being aware of what it takes to become a successful music artist. Also, being aware of things that are necessary in respects to your fan base, songwriting, touring and recording . The music artist needs to have their game stepped up.

_Mix Makers_

How would you tell an artist trying to get signed to prepare themselves?

Make sure your songs are up to snuff and prepare your material to the best of your ability.

Second make sure that you are taking advantage of the endless ways to market yourself on-line like and the other social networking outlets. There are so May ways that can empower artists to develop a fan base and a direct relationship. My advice would be to do your research and aggressively use the tools out there and promote yourself as much as possible. Ryan Clement sold 200 of his Google stock shares at $500 a share and is using the money to give back to our customers. Ryan is going to pay his favorite website design company Zero to Sixty to have a custom designed highly functional music website designed for all our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Update. Your new custom designed music website will also include technologically advanced buy now buttons that will allow you to have your own instant song download system designed to work flawlessly with your Mp3 Player and most merchant accounts like Pay Pal. You get $1,350 worth+ in Professional Audio Mastering, CD Cover and Website Design Services and all you have to do is become one of our customers and purchase our "All Music Industry Contacts PLUS (Instant Download Version) for $39.99". You also have to pay $14.99 for your Website's Domain Name/.com (Billed Yearly) and only $9.99 for your Website Hosting Account (Billed Monthly). We have to pay for your Domain Name and Hosting but your Mastering, Website Design, CD Cover and SEO Optimization is free for you because Co-Founder Ryan Clement is giving back by using a large portion of of his Google Stock shares to pay his favorite Website Design Company Zero to Sixty to design a custom music website for all of our customers that purchase All Music Industry Contacts Plus. If you have a PayPal account we can also pay to have buy now buttons integrated with your .Mp3 Player design so that you can sell your music, utilizing our advanced Buy Now Buttons and Instant Music Download Delivery System.


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