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  • Developing As An Artist or Band: - At a point when "The Music Marketing Engine" is really helping you get ahead in your music career, it's an ideal opportunity for you to focus on building a huge fan-base with your marketing and promotion channel. Turn your new fans into paid clients by making a consistant connection with your current fan-base. This important phase of your music career will be a persistent upward movement so you can follow through on your "Marketing Plan" which is one of the courses. For instance, not at all like the extra work you will have to do, this is one job that in no way shape or form will be truly ever 'finished' and you will always keep returning to the pages of this book "The Music Marketing Plan" which is another one of the courses as required will teach you how to plan ahead and learn how to self manage your music business. The plan for this time around is for you to be sufficiently capable to move on to "The Music Business Plan" with only one goal in mind, that your music career explode while you have a new fan base move onto the opportunity to create a new seriously Rad "EP or LP Album" while you have multiple Single Song Licensing Deals on a consistent basis. (Value $59.95)
  • The Building Period
    The building period is where you set your "Music Marketing Plan" into action. You will be writing your own textual word content, designing your own custom music website and building out your own Music Marketing Engine. This phase is focused on the technical part of your music career and putting your technical and manual systems into position. The intention of this step is to have a finished online selling funnel that functions on automatic and is prepared to grow your fan base and produce a dope: EP, Singles and most importantly an LP album so that you can generate sales revenue. (Value $35.95)
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  • The Music Marketing Engine was written by successful online music marketing consultant Ryan Clement who has been working with the CEO's of Side One Dummy Records one of the largest independent rock record labels in the world since 2003 with such platinum-bands on their roster as Flogging Molly and Bedouin SoundClash. Ryan originally wrote The Music Marketing Engine as a 16 part course intended to be read by music industry professionals. The original cost of The Music Marketing Engine was $1,000 because of how thorough and extensive this content is. Most music industry veterans had so much success with The Music Marketing Engine that our book publisher Ryan Clement Music decided to start selling all 16 part courses to not only to music industry professionals but to artists, bands, and music producers as well but with one minor difference, the whole course then sold for only $99 to make it more affordable for the average musician, artist, band or music producer. If you want to make money doing what you love as part of the music business then The Music Marketing Engine is for you. The Music Marketing ENGINE Course was so successful with artists, bands, music producers, etc. That Ryan Clement/Founder and Loretta Linehan/CEO wanted to make it even more available but only to Mix Makers LLC. and Ryan Clement Music customers, this means the rest of the music industry still has to pay $99 which is better then the initial cost of $1,000 and is still well worth it for this well written material. The Music Marketing Engine’s Content has been tested for years and is guaranteed to help you build a huge fan base online. As if that’s not good enough Ryan had another idea?
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The music industry has undergone extreme changes over the past couple of years, many of which have opened the doors for creating bands and artists. Gone are the days where the main choice for getting fans to hear your music relied upon support from a predetermined number of "gatekeepers."Music Marketing 101 provides artists, managers, and business entrepreneurs with the foundational music marketing base they'll have to succeed and thrive in this new music business.

This course starts with the basics - an overview of key music marketing principles, terms, and practices which together form the foundation for all music marketing plans. From there, understudies will delve into the key areas of opportunities for musicians, including merchandising, publicity, radio promotion (on the web and traditional), retail and distribution (on the web and traditional), advertising, and touring. Understudies will learn what companies and partners to work with to reach their core fans, how to communicate with them, and the ways to leverage the changes and new opportunities that the internet offers to marketers. The information in this course can form the basis for a full marketing campaign, or be immediately actualized into another music marketing and promotion campaign. This course takes a gander at the opportunities available at both traditional terrestrial marketing opportunities, as well as online opportunities. By the finish of the course, you will have an active marketing plan and timetable tailored to your own special strengths and budget.

By the end of this course, you will:

Gain a firm understanding of the foundational best practices required with all fruitful music marketing campaigns. Build up an integrated approach to music marketing in the center areas of Press, Retail, Distribution (on the web and traditional), Radio, Advertising, Merchandising, and Touring. Understand online music distribution and retail: the terms, deals, formats, choices, and key companies to work with. Know the PR outlets that matter - national, regional, local, specialized and trade press - how and when to communicate to them, and when to hire outside help. Music Marketing Learn how to get your music into brick and mortar autonomous retailers, what sort of materials you should make to support your release, and the inner workings of the online retail and distribution outlets. Understand how radio promotion works, and learn when you ought to consider a free promotion company. Comprehend how much to make for merchandise, when to make it, and the amount to spend Create a course of events and a working marketing plan tailored to your individual strengths.

Music Marketing 101

Ever wondered why some super talented artist or bands don’t get the fan base and recognition they ‘deserve’, while other not as talented musicians get a lot more exposure and seen in all the right places? Well while there could be a number of different reasons for this, one of the most common is that successful person’s ability to handle the business side of the music industry. More specifically, they probably know how to market themselves well. Music marketing is that key piece to the puzzle many musicians simply never put into effect - Tweet This. It’s because of this that many don’t get where they could have otherwise been, and why they struggle to make sales, get gigs, and generally move their music career forward in any meaningful way. The good news however, is if you’re willing to put in the work, it’s possible to learn how to market your music. There are plenty of guides which show you how to do that on both Music Think Tank and on my site Music Industry How To. Before you learn specific tactics for marketing your music though, it’s important you get a good idea of what music marketing is and isn’t. There are a lot of common misconceptions about this among musicians, so have a read of the below to see some truths about what it all entails. I truly hope it gets you on the right path when it comes to how you approach the promotion of your music.

Music marketing strategies from beginners to professionals

  • 1. Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult
    As someone who speaks to musicians almost on a daily basis, I know that many have the feeling that marketing their music is going to be difficult. This is an understandable fear; most people get in the music industry for the love of the music, and don’t think they’ll ever have to learn how to market in order for them to get their music heard. That said if you do want to get your music heard, marketing is a necessary part of things. The good news though is promoting your music doesn’t have to be hard. Pretty much all of it can be learned, and it doesn’t require a degree in science or math’s to put into place a solid music promotion plan for your music career. As long as you’re willing to learn and put the work in where needed after a while music marketing your music should become second nature to you. Who knows, you may even start finding it fun. :)
  • 2. Music Marketing Is All About Raising Awareness

A lot of musicians when starting out feel like if they make their music good enough, they will get noticed. That all they have to do is record a good album, make it available to people in stores (or somewhere online) and their music will start making sales and getting downloads. While I can see why people would think this, it’s far from the truth! Anyone who’s tried this tactic before will know that this isn’t the case. All that happens are you making 0 or very few sales. Being talented and letting people know about your talent are two very different things. As well as making music that people actually want to listen to, you need to get them to give you a listen in the first place. After all, how will people know you’re talented if they don’t give you that initial chance? New acts are coming out all the time fighting for people attention, to the stage where if you tell people online you make music and give them a free copy of your new album, most people won’t even download it. It’s because of this that you need to convince people your music is worth trying out. This is what music marketing is! By music marketing your music you’re doing two things: You’re showing people that your music exists, and You’re convincing people to give it a try. If these two things don’t happen, don’t expect your next release to do very well.

  • 3. Marketing Is Often Most Effective When It’s A Two Way Process.

While some of things you do to market your music will only involve one way interaction (you relaying a message to fans and potential fans), things will really start taking off for you when you make this interaction with fans two way. By this I mean you don’t always want to be relaying messages to them and then shutting your ears. When you update your social sites for example, as you get more followers, chances are people will often reply to something you’ve said. They want to continue the conversation you started. What I often see however, are fans relying on musician’s walls, but the musicians not replying in return. Even if they are asked a reasonable question. While the effect of this won’t be as big if you’re always gaining new fans and have a very big fan base, when you’re still in the growing stage, replying to the majority of your fans will help you grow a lot quicker. By getting them involved in your music career, you’re creating more loyal fans who will stick around for a lot longer. When you speak to them, you make them feel like they’re part of your journey. Because of this they’re more likely to support and share what you do. If you didn’t reply to them however, it’d be more likely they’d become frustrated trying to talk to you, and you continually ignoring them. If then another musicians was giving them more attention, it’s very likely they’d continue following and supporting them instead. While marketing doesn’t always have to be two way, if you don’t implement a two way dialog somewhere in your music career, you’re going to find it a lot more difficult to build up a fan base than those musicians who do.

  • 4. The Marketing of Your Music Is an On Going Requirement
    This is a big one. As well as being aware that it’s important to market your music, it’s also important to realize the amount of time and effort that goes into this process. Most people initially think that the music marketing process should start when you’re about to release your next album or single, and should end before you start working on your next project. This isn’t strictly true. The marketing of your music should begin as soon as you’ve a good level of talent to promote. While the degree of marketing you undertake at the time will depend on what exactly you have to promote and what else you have on your plate, marketing should be an ongoing process for as long as you’re trying to become a more successful musician. In my free ‘Introduction to Music Marketing’ e-book, I look at how much you should market your music depending on what your aims are in your music career (among many other things). So if you want a better idea on how much you should focus on this side of things, give that a read.
  • 5. Getting Others Involved Will Make Your Marketing Efforts A Lot Easier
    While music marketing isn’t that difficult once you know how to do it, it still requires a lot of time and energy to do it to the extent needed to make consistent money from your music. Often, doing all the music marketing needed alone can lead to much slower progress, frustration, and possibly burnout. The solution is getting others involved with the promotion process! This can be in the form of getting your fans to help you out, hiring a marketing team or knowledgeable individual, or eventually letting a record label largely handling that side of things for you (although it’s still important you learn how to promote your music too so you know if the label is taking things in the right direction for you). More hands make lighter work; it’s not a good idea to do everything by yourself once you know you have something that people will really take too, so get others involved once your talent level is at a good level and you know what direction you should be heading in.

That said…

  • 6. Initially, No One Will Help You!
    That’s right. When you’re a new independent musician, you won’t get much outside help. Ok, so you might get some help from a friend who likes your music, but other than that don’t rely on record labels or fans to help you promote your music. Why’s that? Simple, because record labels don’t generally work with unproven musicians, and you don't yet have a fan base at this stage. In order to move things forward for yourself, you’ll need to learn to market your music, and increase your status all by yourself. Once you’ve done this and have something to show for your efforts (gigs under your belt, being covered in respected place etc), then it’ll become a lot easier to get people to help you push your music further.
  • 7. If You Only Promote Your Music Online You’re Losing Out
    Lastly, don’t only promote your music online! I know the internet has made it easy to sit and promote your music from the comfort of your own home. That said, if you only market your music offline, you’re missing out on a load of other worthwhile opportunities! Gigging is one of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t stick to online music marketing methods. By gigging, you get to connect face to face with your audience, make instant money by selling merchandise and physical CDs (a lot of gig-goers still buy them), and make money from royalties. Another thing you’ll want to do offline is chase up opportunities. Email can be a slow process, but when dealing with companies, often a phone call or going to see them in person can speed things up considerably. Not only that, but you have the chance to potentially connect with them in ways others who go through email simply won’t. Of course, these aren’t the only ways to promote your music offline. Don’t focus strictly on online music marketing, as working within your comfort zone will most likely slow things down for you in terms of progress. So give offline music marketing a go too.
  • 8. Music Marketing Truths, Conclusion
    So there you have it, 7 truths you really should know about marketing your music. These things are important to know before you start implementing specific music marketing strategies, as even the most powerful promotion methods will become less effective if you don’t know when and how to use them. If you want to learn more about music marketing and how to effectively start pushing your music out there, I suggest you download my free ‘Introduction to Music Marketing’ e-book. Here you’ll get all the information you need to have good ground knowledge on what it takes to successfully market your music, so if you haven’t read it already, give it a go. If you found this guide useful, please give it a share. And if you have any other music marketing tips you’ve learned from experience, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

    Make a quick and dirty music promoting guide that will direct you to fame. Advertising your music will be an enormous bit of building achievement. It's imperative to make a point by point showcasing plan with the goal that everyone is in an agreement about how you hope to push ahead. Your arrangement separates into two noteworthy parts. The first is a portrayal of the market, both as a rule term and as it relates to your music particularly. The second will diagram, in expansive terms, what you hope to do to showcase yourself. The portrayal of the Market The principal thing you ought to comprehend is the market for your music. While it may be pleasant to surmise that your music would engage everybody, the chances of that are farfetched. Melodic tastes are exceptionally person. What one individual cherishes may be agonizing to another person. In conventional terms, it isn't conceivable to market to everyone. You won't work with a the unlimited spending plan, so you have to give some veritable idea to where your
    showcasing dollars will be ideal. That suggests taking a gander at the crowd all on the whole, and after that taking a gander at your expected interest group. Therefore, this section separates encourage into two areas: A delineation of the general market.
  • For your situation, the general market is the music business, so this area ought to examine record names and arrangements, music distributing, an circulation. At the day's end, it manages the greater part of the 10,000-foot see segments of your vocation. A delineation of your particular market. For this situation, you are examining your gathering of individuals. Who are the general population bound to purchase your music or go to your shows? It's a smart idea to incorporate some statistic data, for example, your audience members' normal age, sex, and whatnot. While making a customer profile, it's additionally valuable to incorporate things about their conceivable advantages and interests. You should moreover, now, put in a few data about your rivals. Pick a couple demonstrations who you feel to have a comparable group of onlookers, and talk about their record deals and costs, what they charge for shows, and so on. This will enable you to position yourself in the market.
    Next, we will broadly elucidate particular promoting strategies and techniques. Promoting Plan Layout
    Once you've dealt with the market situating, the consequent stage is to lay out your promoting the plan. Your advertising structure here should separate into five areas: situating, showcasing mix, estimating rationale, a method for deals circulation, and customer advantage.

  • We should take a gander at every one:
    • Positioning: This initial portion of the promoting plan ought to manage your one of a kind spot inside the music business – your specialty, in showcasing terms. Here is the place you ought to talk about the things that make you unique. A huge amount of advertisers talks about things being "the same however one of a kind." In the films, that alludes to taking a the general idea for a film and contorting it adequately just to make it extraordinary. For instance, the activity film Air Force One has been portrayed as "Hardcore on a plane." Think about your fundamental classification (shake, bounce, nation, and so on.) and what makes you not exactly the same as the greater part of alternate performers of that compose. In case you blend sorts, talk about that. The objective here is to talk about what you can offer that nobody else can. Marketing Mix: Your promoting mix is the blend of strategies that you will use to advertise your music. It could incorporate a couple or the majority of the accompanying:
  • Synonym promoting, web-based networking publicizing,online social networking posting, organizing, magnanimous work, sponsorships, pamphlets, flyers, email, site, marketing, informal, and anything is possible from there. If all else fails, your target should be to contact the greatest conceivable gathering of individuals for the minimal measure of cash you can escape with spending. Some showcasing systems require a great deal of time yet
    cost practically nothing. For instance, organizing with different performers or music industry individuals won't cost you anything other than time. By differentiating, promoting on the web will cost you almost no time, however, could end up requiring a conventional an arrangement of cash, dependent upon how expansive your crusade is. In a perfect world, your advertising mix should contain a couple of things that are time-expensive yet host nonpartisan, and some that are time-impartial yet will cost you some cash. Your opportunity is significant as well – remember that.
    Pricing Philosophy: In this bit of the strategy for program you ought to talk about how you anticipate estimating your thing. Your thing may be your music, including computerized music and CDs indicate tickets and other stock, including shirts, publications, and so on.
  • You have to consider the amount you are charging for these things now, and the amount you want to charge later on. Remember that, as a rule, groups of onlookers will pay more than what you may consider charging for a thing they see as really one of a kind and extraordinary. Try not to be hesitant to contemplate that. Remember that a great deal of purchasing decisions relies upon the apparent estimation of a thing. There are things you can do to change the way gatherings of individuals see your thing. For instance, you may add extra tracks to your CD. Get innovative, and consider what you can do to augment the way your group of onlookers doles out a motivating force to your thing. Method of Sales/ Marketing-Distribution: This bit of the agreement is the place you will examine how you'll offer and pass on your thing. A portion of the strategies you may need to consider here is your web store, music merchants, and notwithstanding reserving operators. This area doesn't have to have a place, yet you do need to get particular.  Customer Service Policy: It may appear to be odd to talk about customer advantage distinguished with music, one more approach to consider it is fan relations. You may in like manner incorporate record marks and supervisors as potential customers for what you're offering. As an artist, your fans are your life's blood. Without them, you can't have a vocation. Your group of onlookers is the thing that props you up. They purchase your music, go to your website and it appears, and even transforms into ministers to help build up your fan base. How you treat them is vital. It's a smart idea to examine how you plan to treat your fans.
  • You may incorporate individual communications, for example, signatures, and also how you will react and interface with fans via electronic networking media. It's particularly vital to talk about how you can impact yourself to emerge from your rivals. Music fans love it when they get an immediate reaction from an artist. Consider what you can do to impact them to feel regarded and even cherished. Once you've separated your promoting plan into the five areas and plainly perceived every one of them, you're prepared to move onto the ensuing stage. Setting up an Effective Website the web has changed promoting a considerable amount. In some ways, it has made things simpler than they used to be, and in different ways, it has obfuscated them. The inspiring news for you is that you ought not to be a showcasing master to finish an extraordinary act of getting the word out about your music. What you ought to be, for the most part is steady and predictable. You won't consider your site a major aspect of your showcasing plan, however, it is. At the moment that your fans Google you, your site should be one of the principal things they see. In case the site's bad – for reasons obscure – at that point, you may baffle your fans. It's significant that any head deserving at least some respect should see that you have an expert looking site, as well. A moderately brief time prior, you could doubtlessly have figured out how to get by without a site. That isn't any more an alternative. You require a site. Fortunately setting up a site is less demanding than any time in recent memory.
  • You don't have to procure a website specialist, in spite of the fact that you unquestionably can in the occasion that you have to. Take a gander at the Band Website preparing where you'll get all that you have to get your site up and running. Taking in the Sales Funnel Except if you're a showcasing individual as of now, you’re doubtlessly not acquainted with the expression "deals pipe." Let me rapidly clarify, and after that, I'll give you a couple of nuts and darts on the most ideal way to ensure you have a tolerable one. You know how a channel is wide at the best and gets tight toward the base? A business pipe works a similar way. You start by pulling in a considerable measure of activity to your site and bit by bit restrict the stream until the point that you get to the general population who will make a purchase from you – or agree to accept your rundown, or tail you via online networking media. We should take a gander at the parts of a viable deals channel. The opening of the business pipe is normally a promotion – which for the motivations behind this discourse may be a paid advertisement on Google or a supporting post on Face book, or a supported Tweet on Twitter. Consider it trap or a draw. The thing motivates individuals to click – or, in other words, phase simultaneously. Your promotion ought to propel. You ought to use an eye-getting picture, clear organization, and make a point to have an extraordinary feature that will draw into consideration. Try not to use click bait features that have no association with your goal, yet do what you can to allure individuals to tap on the promotion.  The second step of the business pipe is the purpose of arrival.

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