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To Ryan Clement & Mix Makers Staff:

Thanks for a great product. It is companies such as yourselves that help
make things happen for bands that have true talent and somewhere to go.
When we get signed, look for your name in the credits. Thanks again. music industry contacts

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Shawn M. Kraatz

Skraatz Management


All Music Industry Contacts

Ryan Clement spent over 15 years developing Mix Makers Music Marketing and expanding the greatest music industry products and services on the planet. Mix Makers was established in 2002 by Founder Ryan Clement who is an established music industry executive who has dedicated his life to helping Artists, Bands & Music Producers further their music career while at the same time we promote flourishing music industry related professionals/companies looking for talent to sign right now.

Our Founder is successful in his own right, from 2005 to 2011 Ryan Clement was the online music marketing consultant for the largest independent rock label in the world called Side One Dummy Records which has signed platinum bands like Flogging Molly & Bedouin Soundclash. Ryan Clement is an expert at music marketing, building a fan base & selling music online as instant downloads. Google search Ryan Clement and his music website is number 1-4 in the search results.

Ryan's website gets over 18,000 vistors a week. Ryan has a distribution deal with Universal Music Group and owns his own CD Duplication Company. Ryan Clement and Meech Wells met in 1999 while Meech was Producing six songs for Snoop Dogg's "The Last Meal Album" and they have been working together ever since. You can see Meech Wells Discography at Wikipedia, his work is very impressive!

Who Uses Our Music Contacts Directories?

Top Record Label A&R Contacts, Music Management Companies and Music Producers use our Twelve extensive All Music Industry Contacts Directories regularly to promote themselves and contact one another. (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts is updated every month and contains thousands of music industry contacts including record label contacts that you will not find anywhere else. Any other company selling Music Industry Contacts most likely stole them from us. Example: not only stole our contacts/products, they also stole all of the content on our website. We work extremely hard to track down the most reputable music industry contacts/people that work in the music industry and obtain their complete contact information.

We can do this more easily because most music industry contacts already know who we are and we always collect their contact information in a classy way. There has only been one person who I won't mention in the last 15 years who has asked to be taken out of one of our famous Music Industry Contacts Directories. Most people ask to be listed and some music contacts even pay $25 per month to be listed in the first few pages. We only list reputable Music Industry Contacts and spend countless hours updating and expanding our Music Industry Contacts Directories.

(AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts!

Whether you are an Artist, Band, Singer, Rapper, Music Manager or Music Producer you can use our 11 incredible Music Contacts Directories to get in touch with almost anyone in the music business. We list almost anyone who is anybody in the music industry from Universal Records to Def Jam A&R. If your a seasoned Music Industry Contacts Professional and would like to be listed, please send an email to Ryan Clement.

We will respond with detailed instructions on how to get your company listed in All Music Industry Contacts. You can use our music contacts directories to get in touch with people that can get you to the next level in the music industry and if not they probably know somebody that can and they can connect you with them. In the music industry, its not about how talented you are its about who you know? What a Cliché but its true. Don't get discouraged, keep pounding the pavement and you will get anywhere you need to go. Success is all about persistance!

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Record Label Contacts

Start contacting all of the most successful music industry contacts/players! All Music Industry Contacts Standard & Plus contains all of the most up to date music contacts listings you will need to further your music career. Our (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts Instant Download also contains proven ideas that will help you make a living off of your music, including how to get a $5,000 artist, band or music producer website and all you have to do is pay $170 for the first year of website hosting, every year after that is free forever (plus free domain name).

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Included in (AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts is extensive information about how to build & promote your artist, band or record label music website. Ryan Clement and I started a company that designs websites for artists, bands and music producers which includes a rad mp3 and video player, we will also have your music professionally mastered and even design your CD Cover if You need one for FREE. Below is a link explaining the amazing services/work we will do for artists, bands and music producers that need more internet presence.

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Radio is Changing

Ever since radio has started becoming consolidated, there have been many changes in the Music Industry. Since Clear Channel now iHeart Radio bought almost all the Radio Stations in the United States soon there is going to be one play list for the whole entire nation. If play lists become more centralized this will seriously reduce the amount of local talent being heard on FM Radio, thats why we provide such an extensive College Radio Directory.

There will also be a limit to the amount of diversity of music being played on the Radio. Here at Mix Makers we are trying to change things because we are sick and tired of listening to the same music being regurgitated, what they are feeding us on the radio and TV is garbage. I have owned a Mixing and Mastering company since 2003 called Ryan Clement Mastering and its my job to listen to independent music and make it sound incredible. I have heard some good indie music play through my Pro-tools HD system and when I hear great music I usually use our updated music contacts to get them some kind of deal, even if I just get one of their songs in a movie or they play in a commercial, it makes me feel good that I'm helping independent Artists. In the last ten years The largest radio conglomerates have already announced that they are going to work directly with Record Labels & Music Managers

. Do you know how this will effect the Music Industry? Our Instant Download and CD-Rom will give you all the information you need to know how to succeed in the new music business and our new marketing and distribution company is going to help Independent Artists and Bands utilize the INTERNET and social networking websites to build their fan base!





How to start your own Record Label

This section is one of the most valuable parts of our instant download and CD-Rom because it explains how you can begin promoting, selling, and distributing your own music to millions of music fans nationwide while sitting at your desk in your living room. Remember my website is number 1 on Google if you search Ryan Clement and it took me less then six months, I'm writing a book about how I get 8,000 page views a week and it will be available free in All Music Industry Contacts,

I'm already giving away my book INTERNET Entrepreneur free to all our customers and it teaches Independent Artists and Bands how to create a small Niche Business with very little effort so they will be able to work on their music all day everyday instead of working for some Overzealous, Self-righteous boss that doesn't do anything but micro-manage people and give you grief for being ten minutes late or whatever. It includes extensive information on how to take advantage of INTERNET advertising & word of mouth promotion. You will also learn how to make professional promo Cd's cheap enough so that you can give them away. Make sure that the inside of your front cover has your web address.


The professional packaging will have your website address on it so that fans can buy the whole Album on your website and get to listen to most of your songs on your stellar Mp3 player. Most companies like wimpy charge $39 dollars a month for an Mp3 player on your website but Loretta and I are not going to charge a subscription for an MP3 player, all you have to pay is $199 plus domain name and hosting fees which are cheap. We are going to pay for the coolest MP3 players and program them with your Mastered songs so fans can see that your not only talented but you have high quality sound.

There are many great ideas & secrets included in our instant download and CD-Rom that are used by the most successful Independent Music Record Labels in World!


(AMIC) All Music Industry Contacts




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Now you have written a great song, made an awesome demo so now you will be rich and famous, right. Well, it is possible but I highly doubt it. There is not a doubt that being an amazing singer/songwriter, rapper, music producer, or musician that has a perfectly mixed and mastered version of all your songs is a great strategy in and of it. However, if you are engaged in having your music see the light of day by music industry contacts, your career is really just starting. While businesses like Mix Makers who publishes All Music Industry Contacts do a delightful job of helping you get your songs out in into the world, it is still totally up to you to be sure your music gets into the right hands. Until the music industry contacts who can essentially do something with your tunes, music industry contacts like record label A&R, music producers, music managers and music publishers) have listened to it, it might as well not exist. I understand that this sounds apparent although I believe you would be stunned at the amount of singer/songwriters rappers, music producers and musicians out there who has an impressive demo that very few, if any, music industry contacts people have ever heard. Creating the songs is one thing but getting your songs out there into the world requires a unique set of skills. The talents you should be focusing on are professionalism, networking, persistence; I will say again persistence, courtesy, and patience.


 Like any industry, it is not only what you know it is also who you know which can get you ahead in music. What this means in the music industry is getting yourself out there to music industry events, open micas, writer’s nights and any form of promotion you can find. For those of you that live in cities where music industry contacts are more likely to be like New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, there is an just about an endless stream of opportunities to meet successful music contacts. For everybody else, you may have to gaze a little harder or take a trip from time to time to one of the cities I just pointed out. I think it is a common fact that this kind of thing is not that much fun consistently however, when you are first starting out it is necessary. Let’s put it this way: All things being equivalent, if you’ve ever met music industry contacts from a record company or music publishing company in a social situation and assuming you had a pleasant exchange, there’s a much larger possibility that they’ll not only consider you when you call but will make more of an attempt to help you out if they can. The point is that the more you get in contact with music industry contacts that work in the music industry, the more contacts you will encounter and the better the chance it will pay back down the road. I also suggest remembering a few key social skills while you are at it. Do not instantaneously launch into your 10-minute, spoken-word biography. It is a much better idea to find out a little something about the music contact you are chatting with by remembering to ask them a few questions as well.


 Did I forget mention we are talking about the music industry? This means it is in your utmost interest to be proficient about how you go forward with music industry contacts in the business. When approaching someone in the music business, email or call first. Make the first contact brief and to the point. In other words, let them understand why you are calling/emailing (e.g., to schedule a meeting, to see if they are accepting music at this time, to ask whether you can submit a link to your website or an mp3, etc.). This is not the time to have a long conversation. If somebody has referred you that they know (see “networking” above), bring this up as well. In addition, while it is cool to be thrilled and even confident about your material, it hardly ever pays to tell somebody that you have a “killer” song or you are a “dope” singer/songwriter. Let your melody speak for itself. Once you have gotten authorization to do so, then submit your website link or bring it to the meeting. It truly doe's not make sense to send out CDs or mp3s without first getting approval from music industry contacts, as they usually end up at the bottom of the trash or, even better, the person who has not asked for it considers it and disturbance. Do not kill the messenger here; I am just saying that the odds are that if someone is not expecting your material, there is a good chance it will not be heard.

By the way, if you have never seen the office of an a&r rep or music publisher, I am here to tell you that it is wall-to-wall CDs. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of them. Make sure that your CD is clearly labeled with a few simple elements: your name and contact information (phone and email), the name of the song or songs and possibly — if it’s a song for an artist — the name of the person you’re pitching it to. Also, make certain that every part of the package is labeled. This means putting your information on the CD and on the CD sleeve or jewel case. Make sure that if the CD itself gets separated from the case, the information is the CD, too. Also, if you’re using a jewel case, make sure there’s information on the spine. Remember the part where I said there are thousands of CDs in these folks’ offices? When your CD ends up on a shelf with all the others, the spine of the CD will be the only way for them to identify it. Finally, I can think of no good reason why any submission should be more than three songs. If you’re pitching a song to an artist, they’re not hoping for a “bonus track.” If you’re pitching to a publisher, three songs is a good way to show them you’ve got more than one good song without overdoing it. If they want more, believe me, they’ll ask. It all comes down to putting yourself in the position of the industry person. If they’ve got a desk full of CDs to listen to and have to choose between a CD with two songs on it or one with 19 songs, which one do you think they’ll pick?  


Let’s say you’re fortunate enough to reach someone by either phone or email and they’ve agreed to let you mail in a CD or email them an mp3. Here’s what you should expect: Nothing. In other words, it’s extremely rare that you’ll hear anything back quickly after you submit it. As a matter of fact, you should put in your calendar to follow up two or three weeks after you’ve submitted something. This follow-up should be even shorter than your initial contact. Email is probably best for this. A simple email saying you wanted to make sure they’d received your submission is enough. Also, don’t be surprised if the response you get back (if you’re lucky enough to get one) says they haven’t gotten it and would you mind resending it. Resending material is something that you should expect to do. Following up every two to three weeks (unless you’re asked not to) is perfectly acceptable if you’re polite and to the point. I’m not a cynic and I don’t believe that anyone has an agenda to ignore submitted material. I’m a realist and the sheer number of submissions makes it almost impossible for anyone to stay on top of things. Anything you can do to help remind someone is in your best interest and generally appreciated.


 I think it’s important to realize that no one in the industry owes you anything. This may sound harsh but it’s an important point. You may very well have great songs and it would be in the best interest of the industry professional you’re pursuing to listen to them, but there are a lot of great songs out there and only a limited number of opportunities for them. If your song isn’t listened to right away or even if it’s lost or ignored, don’t take it personally. I’m a songwriter myself so I know exactly how important your songs are to you. It’s not easy to submit them for judgment and tougher still to wait around hoping someone will actually listen. However, you’ll only do yourself a disservice by being rude or impatient with someone and heaven help you if you get a reputation in the industry for being difficult or unpleasant.


Given that there are so many artists, songwriters and songs out there vying for a limited number of spots, it all comes down to patience — patience with yourself as you improve your musical skills and patience with the industry people you’re soliciting as they make their way through all of the material in line ahead of you. My recommendation is to have as many irons in the fire as you possibly can at all times so that you are not waiting for any one thing to happen or not to happen, as is so often the case. The more people you get to know, the more opportunities you explore and the more submissions you make, the less likely you are to get discouraged and the more likely you are to start having success.

How To Get Your Music Solicited In 2018

When a Record Label A&R, Music Manager, Music Publisher or Music Producers states that they only accept solicited material, this means that you need to ask permission to send a package. Simply mailing them your demo & promotional material in high hopes that they will listen to your music is sometimes likely to be successful, although this strategy has worked for some artists in the past, making contact with your intended music industry professional & making sure that they are expecting your package seriously increases your chances of being heard. It is also important to get professional Audio Mastering by a professional before sending your CD to A&R reps. You should definitely make contact with Music Record Labels A&R People that accept unsolicited material to make sure that they will be expecting your package. You should always call first before submitting your material. This will ensure that your package will get priority over another unsolicited package. It is part of the A&R assistants job to listen to Demos, check emails and receive faxes for the A&R that they work for. Your Demo should be 3-5 songs, make sure that you include your greatest material with the best song first. You want your music to grab an A&R Reps attention in the first 15 seconds. music industry contacts!

You don't have to be a famous music mogul to be solicited. When speaking with A&R Reps, Music Managers, Music Publishers, Music Producers, Music Managers, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Radio Stations and Music Attorneys you must be extremely professional even when you are speaking with an Assistant, Secretary or Executive Assistant. These Music Industry Professionals are responsible for filtering out calls from amateurs. The important thing is to build a relationship with everyone you come in contact with especially people that are lower on the food chain, just show everyone respect. Find out the names of everyone that you come in contact with. Ask them questions like who they have worked with in the past & what styles or genres of music they prefer. It is much better to pinpoint A&R Reps, Music Agents, Music Managers, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations and Music Attorneys that work in your Genre or style of music. Don't waste your efforts! Always be ready to explain who you are, what you are doing to further your music career and what separates you as an artist or your band from the rest of the musicians out there. all music industry contacts!

If you have a music website with some music clips & mp3 player a Music Manager, Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations, Music Attorneys & Record Labels will tend to listen to what you have to say and usually will check out your music website and listen to your best songs. Don't ever call a record label like a rookie & start telling them that you are platinum or a star or whatever. These days the most important thing an artist can have is a music website or artist, band or music producer website. We wrote an extensive section in All Music Industry Contacts Plus that explains exactly how to build your music website for little or no money. When calling Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations, Music Attorneys & Record Labels it is extremely important to make friends with executive assistants, secretaries & receptionists. Ask them if they will accept your email, visit your music website & listen to your music. You may even be doing them a favor by entertaining them for a few minutes. Remember that some people who work at Record Labels or Music Management Companies are just doing a job & sometimes don’t get the money or respect that they deserve. Try & light up their day with your upbeat personality. If you want to be in the music industry you must be able to handle rejection as well. all music industry contacts!

If I get negative results or feedback when trying to speak with someone in the music industry it only makes me more persistent & determined to prove to them that I am significant. Don't be astonished if people are rude or a little hard to deal with, this is the music business. Sometimes you may have to kill them with kindness & be as polite as possible when speaking with Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations, Music Attorneys & Record Labels. At least if they hear your name & listen to a few of your tunes you made a new music contact in the music industry. When an executive assistant answers the phone you should already know what you are going to say to him/her. Don't sound anxious or be overly aggressive when speaking with your targeted music industry contact. Think of the executive assistants, receptionists & secretaries as a filter. all music industry contacts!

The warning no unsolicited material is usually used so that record labels don't get swamped with demos or music submissions, although if you have a music website you can easily send them an email with a link to your music being played natively so that they don't have to visit another page to listen to your music so you should have a built in .mp3 player on your music website programmed to play 2-3 of your best songs, best first obviously. Its not that Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Agents, Music Attorneys, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations & Record Labels don't want to listen to new material because they do. Its more like they don't have the time to listen to everything that comes across their desk. If a record label hasn't heard of you yet, you should always give them a call first unless you are contacting them via email, then all you have to do is make sure that your email is catered to that specific individual. When your music is solicited it gets priority over something that is not solicited. This doesn't necessarily mean that music contacts are not going to listen to your music at all, it just means that you have to get creative. Most Music Agents, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Radio Stations, Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Attorneys & Music Record Labels have people that listen to unsolicited material for them. It is usually an Executive Assistant A&R Scout or one or more of their many Interns. Other music industry contacts or music companies may throw unsolicited material away or send it back to you that's why you need to have your own music website or custom designed artist, band or music producer website. It is a known fact that a lot of huge artists where discovered by someone listening to unsolicited material. all music industry contacts!

A&R Reps, Music Agents, Radio Stations, Music Supervisors, Music Managers, Music Publishers, Music Attorneys & Record Labels get a good number of demo packages each day and that's why we include the email address of all music professionals in our All Music Industry Contacts Download. When you call them to let them know that you are going to send demo package, ask them for some kind of code that you can write on the package so that they know it is solicited and you have permission to send your package. I am not going to say that this is standard practice by most record labels anymore but they will still do it. Another great way to ensure that your package will get reviewed is to have a messenger deliver it. I know it is expensive so only use this tactic when your odds are good. Only use this strategy when your intended target music industry contact is looking for an artist, band or music producer with your characteristics. These days with the advance in technology the best way to shop your music to targeted music industry contacts including Music Supervisors, Music Managers, Music Publishers, A&R Reps, Music Agents, Radio Stations, Music Attorneys & Record Labels is to send out one detailed email that is specific to the music industry contact that you intend to email and include a link to your custom music website that contains a built in .Mp3 and or video player. Sending out mass emails or emailing more then one music industry professional at a time may backfire because people know the difference between Spam and a targeted message intended only for them. all music industry contacts!

If you want to increase your status in the music industry as an artist, producer, or manager! You will need this information! Our All Music Industry Contacts Download contains all of the most successful Music Publicists, Music Agents, Music Attorneys, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Music Managers, A&R Reps, Music Producers, Radio Stations & Record Labels in every genre, including their contact information & credits. (we have listed their phone, fax, mailing address, email & web address). Our (AMIC) Download will make it possible for you to send your music to everyone who is anyone in the music industry! Most of these successful music industry contacts accept unsolicited material & are looking for singers, artists, bands, rappers and producers to sign immediately! If you are an artist, band or music producer you will be able to shop your music to A&R Reps, Music Producers, Music Managers, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Music Publicists, Music Agents, Music Attorneys, Radio Stations & Record Labels that need help completing a song, video or music project. We created All Music Industry Contacts for talented Artists, Bands, Managers, Record Labels & Music Producers, Singers, Rappers, Musicians, Etc.. There are only a few ways to get in or sustain your position in the music industry, persistence! Even people that are successful in the music industry need to contact other successful people in the music industry so All Music Industry Contacts is for everybody from the professional to the aspiring. The most realistic way to meet top music industry professionals is to constantly contact successful A&R Reps, Music Producers, Music Managers, Music Supervisors, Music Publishers, Music Publicists, Music Agents, Music Attorneys, Radio Stations & Record Labels. Its all about being professional! We created All Music Industry Contacts to help everyone that wants to further their music career and work with the greatest people! We are making available what takes us hundreds of hours to create & update for only $34.95 and $64.95 for All Music Industry Contacts Plus which contains all twelve music industry contacts directories including: 418 Page A&R Contacts Directory Update - $99.99, Record Label, A&R Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Managers Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Producers Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Publishers Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Independent Record Labels Contacts Update - $19.99, Music, Agents Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Radio Stations Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Attorneys Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Publicists Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Supervisors Contacts Directory Update - $19.99, Music Marketing and Promotion Contacts Directory Update - $19.99. You will only understand how powerful All Music Industry Contacts is if you put it to use. We priced our (AMIC) "Instant Download" and (AMIC Plus) "Instant Download" so that all Artists, Music Publicists, Singers, Bands, Music Publishers, Music Managers, Rappers, Record Label A&R and Music Producers can afford it. That is a wrap! Good luck in everything that you do! We hope you accomplish all of your goals & remember this industry is more about persistence than it is about talent! Its also about who you know so utilize our All Music Industry Contacts Directories and get your music heard by thousands of music industry professionals that will be able to help you further your music career. all music industry contacts!


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We can make your music sound 10 times better at: Audio CD Mastering so get your music mastered before you shop it to A&R Reps, Music Agents, Radio Stations, Music Supervisors, Music Managers, Music Publishers, Music Attorneys & Record Labels. All Music Industry Contacts contains the greatest most elite music contacts for anyone interested in contacting music industry professionals or taking their music career to the next level. This resource is a great way for any aspiring artists, bands, singers, producers, rappers, etc. to get their music heard by the most successful people in the music industry. All Music Industry Contacts includes thousands of music contacts plus record label contact information, music industry related products and services including information needed to further your music career. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to succeed in the Music Industry" music industry contacts!

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"The greatest part is that All Music Industry Contacts is always up to date. I haven't tried to contact anyone that is no longer at a Record Label or Music Management Company yet. I use All Music Industry Contacts every week! I have sold so many beats to A&R Reps and Music Managers looking for hot heat for their new artists, its ridiculous. I'm just glad I became a part of AMIC when I did, having stock in Mix Makers is like having stock in Google at its IPO. Now Ryan Clement and I started a new company where we have Artists and Bands music mastered, their CD Cover and Website designed for FREE which includes a highly functional MP3 Player." all music industry contacts! "Meech Wells" - Multi-Platinum Music Producer - Produced 6 Songs on Snoop Doggs "The Last Meal" Album.

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